I got GROUNDED after flying the Asobo C172s

I just landed at KDCA, and the FAA came out to see why I was landing my little C172 there… They inspected the plane.
I am in deep trouble : NO Documentation. No POH, no Certificates or Logs, etc etc.
The two side pockets are empty, in both the c172 Classic as well as the C172 G1000.

If only I had been flying a Carenado Cessna. At least they have a POH in the pilots door pocket, but even that is not an OFFICIAL POH… It is titled CARANADO !!! (That a No No !! )

Suffice to say, my IMMERSION is ruined, I cannot fly anymore – its un-flyable
At least its not Un-playabe !!! :wink:

KUDDOS to Carenado, for including a POH !!!

Even more so, if I could click on it and open it (Like the Tablet by the right seat)
Yes, I did try … but I was not hopeful, so was not that disappointed.

Required Aircraft Documents
An easy way to remember what documents are required to be onboard an aircraft is to remember “AROW

A - Airworthiness Certificate
R - Registration
O - Operating Limitations
W - Weight & Balance


I see what you did there…

I’d write a stiff letter to The Times. :grinning:

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A little Humor never hurts, especially when it contains some usefull information that every pilot should know …

I do not use the IN_Game checklists, but checking the Plane’s documentation is about the FIRST thing you should check, because if they are not there, you are NOT going anywhere !@!!

In an enforcement action against an airman’s certificate, a Notice of Proposed Certificate action can suggest sanctions ranging anywhere from a 30-day suspension to a revocation of an airman’s certificate. Moreover, the FAA can impose civil penalties against certificate holders and others for violations of the Federal Aviation Regulations up to $50,000.00.

That could ruin your day !!!


Not expensive enough, not for VIPs !
Next time use a business jet…

The landing fees alone at that airport will probably make you take out a second loan! I personally like to avoid the bigger airports. In the make-believe world, the landing fees are too high. In the sim, you still have to spend several minutes taxiing to or from your spot on the ramp, and if your traffic is set high enough, you’re also dealing with several go-arounds. For the Capitol area, consider KCGS (College Park). I live in Greensboro NC (KGSO), but I often fly out of neighboring Burlington (KBUY) or Shiloh (KSIF), both of which are uncontrolled and will have much less traffic and lower (imaginary) landing fees. If I really want a challenge, or to be even closer to home, there’s Air Harbor (W88) with its 25’ x 2460’ asphalt runway. (In reality, it’s listed as 60’ wide including 40’ of grass.)

I learnt to fly at W48, 2081 x 30 and trees at each end !! Then finished up at KMTN, which was massive by comparison @ 7000 x 180 !!!

Never flown into KDCA in RL, but over the past 15 years, probably 100+ times in home and commercial sims.

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If you landed a 172, or any general aviation aircraft, at KDCA without prior authorization which is difficult if not nearly impossible to get, lack of aircraft documentation will be the least of your immersion worries. :grin:


You’ve made the Big Time! Your post appeared in my Google News view of articles!

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You left out the best part of your scenario, the part where the cops, fbi etc pull you out of the plane and cuff you before they take you off to jail! Bwhahahahahha!

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Well, the fact that I made it all the way to DCA and landed, indicates that I did have a valid filed flight plan, and F18s from Andrews were not involved.

The missing papers were just Bad luck - I tried to blame the flight school, but was reminded that as PIC, it was my responsibility to make sure they were in the plane.

So the Plane is stuck at DCA (Costing the flight school a fortune every day it remains there), I am grounded, and have to make my own way home.

Moral of this story – Fly a Carenado Cessna - they come with documentation in the side pouch !!

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Or just admit that the airplane is stol… ehm borrowed for an important flight.

No its a repo, my assistant is on their way to deliver the papers as we speak. ;p

Hi Folks - as amusing as this thread may be, the lack of documentation in the virtual cockpit, while valid, isn’t really moving the conversation forward on the sim - it’s not preventing us from flying or operating. Let’s please move on to more productive topics. Thanks.