I had to put the VR headset down today

Huge white flashes and my eyes burn lol… not sure why so many white flashes so taking a break until this gets fixed. Oculus rift s. I think this is an issue caused by oculus though not sure.

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Just uncheck the public test checkbox in the beta tab of the oculus home settings. That will install a stable version of the drivers and the flashes will go back to how they were, with minutes between them, rather than seconds.


Oh wow thank you ill try it out right now

you’ll probably need to restart MSFS if it is running when you update the Oculus drivers.

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Perfect thank you

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Also, once u uncheck the beta/public channel, oculus wil start loading the version 25 update. Let it load completely, then ‘restart oculus’ within the app. then close everything off, and for good measure, reboot.

that helped reduce the white flashes considerably for me.
The white flash is actually an instantaneous ‘external camera’ view of some sort, where you are tranported to an outside view and then back in the cockpit. its basically glitching. only happens when you put the Oculus headset on your head.

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Very much appreciated for your comment and time thank you

Hi guys, This will definitely put things back the way they were before the Oculus beta update but you will still see the odd flash. I received an email from Zendesk today that stated the developers are working on a fix for the flashes.


Yes this was the issue! it is resolved! yaaay!

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