I have blurry cocpit

Hello, my view in the cockpit is very blurry. I added an example image. I have a 2k screen and rtx3060 card. I reset my Nvidia settings. I tried various settings in SETTINGS, but the cockpit is very blurry. Even watching youtube videos, I can see that they are better than me. Please help me.

If you have DLSS set in the Graphics Options for AA, change to TAA.

AA = anti aliasing

I am using TAA (100).

Your resolution looks a bit low compared to the GPU you’re running. Is that just the level of screenshot you took?

Do you have the advanced module installed from the marketplace?

I use 2k resolution. And usually the gpu works at full load. However, the image is very bad. I tried various settings but the sharpness did not improve.

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Yes there is. But this problem exists in all planes.