I have lost confidence in Asobo to do the right thing re: water

I have heard of a program called REX where one can compose lots of things, including water waves, textures, reflections and colors. It can also apply the water masks where needed. Have others tried this product, and can you give me feedback on it? Would it “fix” the terrible water textures/ lack of reflections I am now seeing? Most importantly, is it available for MSFS 2020?

(PS- Guys- before it gets said- I am not “letting Asobo off the hook.” They definitely need to fix certain aspects of their otherwise beautiful sim, and come up with a better strategy to do so than “two steps forward, one step back.” I am simply no longer willing to wait for them to do so, and am willing to pay a 3rd party if it gives me control over the aspects of the sim that are most important to me… Thanks)

Maybe they want you to purchase aftermarket add-ons. Just a thought, though.

And I’ve lost confidence that people can provide any kind of proof of what they are talking about.

So far the only “proof” is showing that indeed the new patch is more realistic in reflections, in most situations anyway. Do so many people think that most lakes, rivers and oceans are millponds?

Well, I say so many. I guess it is very few even given the number of players.


Or maybe not? Why would they? :roll_eyes:

Hint: during development, they had a whole partnership series. Why would they partner with companies if they wouldn’t recommend to purchase their products?

You said that they’d purposely make their product bad/worse to support sales of a third party. And as long as you have no substancial proof for that, that’s just false insinuation covered up as a “thought”.

No I did not say that.

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