I have only 2 Airplanes

I had to format my PC & after all was installed and downloaded the 90GB of files I enter the game and it appears I only have 2 airplanes only.
I have a 1 single prop & 1 Turbo prop airplanes I tried finding any related articles or forum info about the issue but nothing found, I even re-formated my PC again the same day & reinstalled all the files and anything related to the Flight sim due it crashing to desktop as that was my reason for format.

I think its either related to the latest patch and the crashes are related to the latest nvidia update.

So the fix in known issues didn’t help?

after a format and a full install All airplanes disappeared and I still crash to desktop, yes

Have you tried the advice in this thread?

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didnt see that one, my keywords perhaps were poorly chosen :frowning:

I thought this stuff is supposed to be downloaded automatically, anyway thanks for the tp