I have Premium DeLuxe version but no Boeing 787

I have purchased the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS2020. The Boeing 787 does not appear in the list of “Transport” aircraft Will Micrasoft be sending me an update to include this model? Please advsice. Thank you.

Go to the Content Manager section of your Profile page in the sim and see if it’s available to download.

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if you have purchased them, you can find any missing content under the ‘content mananger’ option in the Profile screen.

Just select the ‘select all’ tickbox on the top left of that screen, and you can bulk-download and install from there.

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Like said above, if you go to your content manager in-game, you should be able to download any missing content. Select ‘select all’ tickbox upper left corner, then select ‘download’ in the bottom right.

I have verified with Microsoft Store that I have the premium deluxe package. To my mind that means everything included. What package do you guys have that all your aircraft are available. I don’t see a “select all.” I see a “toggle all” which checks every box except "Core Content, Mandatory packages by Asobo, about 80 gig. I am unable to even select it by itself.

‘Toggle all’ and ‘Select all’ are the same thing.

After you click on ‘Toggle all’, does it select all aircraft? If so, just click on download and it’ll available for you to use.

Yes I meant the toggle all button. Doing this from mind :slight_smile:

I have premium deluxe steam edition myself

I’m having the same issue, I purchased the premium deluxe package. I found the download for it but it won’t let me. I am not too bothered by this but it is more then the Deluxe package so I am pretty disappointed.