I honestly can't do this anymore

I love the game. It’s really doing things to advance the genre. It looks amazing too. I have spent almost £1000 on hardware for the game too and was really excited for it’s release.

The problem for me is that critical systems are broken and it’s just so random, you just don’t know what sort of experience you are likely to get until you have taken off. There is hardly a single aircraft working fully without some sort of issue since the latest patch.

The C172 G1000 autopilot and flight planning is FUBAR. The Kingair is switching off the MFD mid flight. The 320 has APU issues and the other aircraft have their own issues by all accounts. I’ve been trying to improve my flight skills particularly around IFR/ILS but, it is next to impossible because things are malfunctioning in several aircraft especially when preparing for approach or getting near to your destination airport.

It’s just become so frustrating at this stage that I am going to have to leave the game (reluctant as I am to do so) because, I don’t want to have to fight the game engine to enjoy it or have essential functionality.

I sincerely hope someone from the Dev team reads these messages and acts promptly to fix these game-breaking bugs before more and more people end up leaving through sheer frustration.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what has been created here and if everything functioned correctly in terms of flight and avionics, I could live with the other stuff needing fixed and the time it would take to reasonably do that.

The way things are right now though, my gaming enjoyment is being impacted upon so much at this stage that I simply cannot carry on with the game in its current state.

Devs, if you read this. Please expedite your hotfixes as I really don’t want to be away too long.


I’m just sitting here waiting for the predictable kids saying “just be patient…”

I agree with you; it’s a GAME right enough.


What’s the alternative?

Do you think posts screaming and shouting at MS or Asobo is going to help? Serious question… What else is there to do other than be patient, and wait?


Play another SIM it’s what I am doing more regularly.


You could fly X Plane 11. In VR or not it works


I tried to avoid saying that because all the haters will crawl outta the woodwork!


Trading standards should get involved. It simply should not have been released in its current state. Alpha testers being allowed to release video’s promoting it before release says it all. I have a feeling this will end in tears as there is so much work to do. Oh well back to Xplane in VR.


So in summary… be patient, and play another game. Gotcha.


I agree. My motivation to fly has dropped dramatically. I had really hoped that Patch #2 would be really good, but unfortunately this hope was disappointed. Asobo needs to recruit some testers from the community to test a patch or update before it is released.

Many alpha testers, including myself, were horrified when the much too early release date was announced. This date was irresponsible and a big mistake. I am glad that I have not yet invested in better hardware. Even the 120 € for the Premium Deluxe hurt me.


Most lucidly put, thank you. My verbiage gets the better of me and I’ve been circumlocuted!


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Write a complaint to TS if you feel that strongly about it.

Alpha testers weren’t allowed to release videos, or images for that matter. In fact we still can’t release pre-release media.


This thread should just be closed. This thread is NOT bringing in a healthy discussion anyway.


Certainly not with personal attacks which YOU instigated BTW.


To be fair, I think its a typo and meant to say not allowed to release videos.

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Tout fonctionnait plutôt bien avant la mise à jour. J’ai maintenant des accidents en vol et je reviens au bureau. Avez-vous également les mêmes symptômes? Cela ne me dérange pas que le simulateur ait des bugs, mais là, il est toujours inutilisable. Je n’ai pas acheté ce simulateur pour le rendre fou. Cela devient vraiment douloureux !!! J’ai un très bon PC et je connais bien les simulateurs. Mon 787 est totalement hors service. Pfffff…

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Kids? Now you’re really getting my goat!

Everyone cut it out and stay on topic, if I have to jump on my PC I won’t be happy.


They were not alpha testers. Some Youtubers and review sites are given access to the release version in advance. Alpha testers were never allowed to post any video, screenshot, or any info. Not then, and not now.


I hope you have a heavy duty PC case if you are considering doing that :wink: