I honestly can't do this anymore

I’ve seen bigger products than this NOT reach their potential. Also seen some products make it. Just real world. Stating definitively one way or another about this game is impossible.

If he was, he’d probably be orbiting the tower at the airport at ICAO code JITA, with all of his lights flashing. :wink:

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But you see thats the definition of being a pilot … countless hours of shear boredom followed by mins of shear terror. :skull_and_crossbones:

You can be patient, observant and support the development process to make the sim better or you can be a complete idiot and just say ■■■■ all day. Whch one are you?.. :wink:

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Nice doom and gloom spreading. The world could end tomorrow. Have you done a survey among these alleged sacred people. How many are there.

By means of wish list threads and filing a bug report together with other people who have the same issue? Or by opening one moaning and gloom and doom spreading thread after the other and holding moaning conversations in the naive belief that its necessary for Asobo to hear about the bugs and personal expectations in thousands of threads? Please elaborate.


My Friend many here feel your pain/frustration. So my suggestion is, and if, you have FSX, just install it again, and when this one bugs you till your eyes fly out, go fly FSX for a while. That is what I do. For while I could not figure out why all the systems would not let me create and fly ILS, yes G1000/3000 are new to me, but those should be built upon the procedures/processes in the older models. Nope, nothing as far as I can tell is the same (garman cannot stand them), it took me hours watching YouTube videos on how to get this working and how to get that working, and what this button does and blah, blah, blah. The simulator should have had built in training on those systems/planes and how that relationship was paired up. Even the basic flight training is buggy. But, and this is the good part, Asobo/MS are working very hard to get this working properly. The issue as I see it, the thousands upon thousands of different hardware configurations people are using. And the delivery method used, i.e., the USA, through the MS Store, pushed out, Steam-don’t know method, Europe DVD’s (wish had that option), and other parts of world don’t have clue on how it was gotten. With even the different delivery methods used, that can in and of itself hose up the game, parts could be missing, and the game aint smart enough to know this little bitty file is not present. Then, Nvidia released the RTX-3000 series video cards, and another issue was introduced to the dinner table (alongside the fact a new driver is released almost weekly for the GTX and RTX 2K Cards). That this thing works for a number of people without too much trouble is a testament to the level of work which went into this in the beginning and the alpha and beta program. Hang in there, we all feel your pain, it will take I think 6 months possibly for the major bugs to be fixed with the situations listed above presenting themselves. They should have just said, you need this level of hardware, this level of Video Card, blah, blah, blah, anything less, and forget about it working. I purchased this laptop specifically to run this game, a year earlier than planned, and still had to compromise on specifications because we did not get the I-9 Chip in the USA for this model. I almost said to Hxxxlxxxlxx with it a few times myself.

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Who among us can remember FSX when it first came out ? Bugged, Slow,Creaky and just as frustrating as MFS 2020. Hundreds of talented people devoted themselves over this past Decade to bringing the Old Girl to it’s completed state. FSX together with 3rd Party Airports, VFR Scenery and improved Weather etc now performs perfectly on modest PC Rigs.
Just this evening i made a Flight from FSX Orcas Island in a Carenado 182 and enjoyed the experience which in many ways compares very well to our new Sim. Hopefully it won’t take many months before we are happy with the result of lots of Hard Work from the Devs and talented 3rd Party Contributors.

Sorry! Her completed State.

And the definition of a MSFS sim pilot — countless hours if downloading followed by mins of flight before a CTD

The launch of the Xbox series X should solve that problem for a lot of people with PC problems and change that definition.

I really like this post. I too am disappointed by some of the bugs lately, but am optimistic about the future of this sim. I can’t wait to see where MS/Asobo takes us over the next 10 years. I guess I’ve learned patience in my old age (58) and for that, I am grateful. It makes life so much more chill.


What I am finding increasingly frustrating is the lack of hotfixes. If there were hotfixes for the things that are game breaking then I am sure that many of us would be quick to forgive the other shortcomings with the game. As long as we had a functioning product in terms of actual flight.

After I started this thread, I decided to install the A32NX mod by FlyByWire and thankfully, it helped to deal with some of the issues I was experiencing previously. It was the only real functional plane that worked fully for me but, I was happy that I was able to fly relatively trouble free again and was really enjoying the experience. Then along came the last patch and that caused the smartcam CTD bug and the VFR map bug, rendering the game unplayable again. It’s incredibly frustrating to find myself back at square one.

The policy around hotfixing has to change. We don’t need sweeping changes and large patches at this time. Especially given that such patches are currently introducing more problems than they solve. What we need is little and often patches that fix core functionality. Additionally, what would also be enormously helpful is allowing users to revert back to a previous version if the latest version introduces any game breaking bugs.

Asobo and Microsoft must listen to these perfectly valid criticisms and what’s more, actually act on them. They have a fantastic product here but the frustration and disappointment it is causing for many of us, as a result of these game breaking bugs, can not be allowed to continue.

Incremental hotfixes between major patches and the option to revert to a previous version is absolutely essential at this juncture. You simply cannot continue to treat paying customers in this way.


There are likely very real technical reasons why you can’t have users deciding which version of the client they want to use, in what is effectively a multiplayer sim.

Imagine if the decision was taken to allow a rollback to a prior version, but you were then locked into a single player version, until you decide to upgrade once more.

I can’t think of any multiplayer titles that allow you to arbitrarily choose your client version. MMO’s certainly don’t. Even going back to older titles like Counterstrike, if you weren’t running the same client version the server would reject your connection.

As far as hotfixes are concerned, it’s certainly a good idea, and you are hardly the first to make this point. One way might be to have a beta track that you could opt in to, that they would offer such hotfixes to. They have already mentioned a public beta of VR, but this could be expanded into a hotfix beta path.

As I type this, I wonder how they are going to handle those users who opt in to the VR beta. Will they segregate those users, or can they connect with others? If the latter, there may be some scope for multiple client versions.

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I completely accept your point about different clients for multiplayer but, there is no reason why they could not implement it for single player. That would at least go some way toward alleviating the frustrations felt by so many as a result of the game breaking bugs that are being introduced with each patch. I’d be quite happy to forego multiplayer at the present time for a fully functional flight that did not cause any game crashes.

Starting up the game only to have the same thing happen over and over again is seriously demoralising and demotivating. It’s even worse when it occurs a good bit into the flight each and every time. Where I used to really look forward to switching the sim on, now I dread it. Mainly because I know that it is more than likely going to result in yet another CTD.

Yes, I could go and play any of the hundreds of other games I have but, this is the one I really want to play. My frustrations arise from the fact that I cannot do this at the present time.

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I know what you mean. I haven’t touched anything else since August 18th. :slight_smile:

I think some causes for CTD’s have been identified, and I don’t really get any of those anymore. Don’t touch the VFR map is the key one right now.

Random avionics shutdowns has been eliminated by turning on “Generic Plane models” for both AI, and MP.

The one I haven’t managed to pin down is the random view change, which locks, then crashes. I’ve only seen it three times, and once was able to recover from it. That has only happened during Twitch fly alongs, so may be related to the avionics bug, and only occured after Patch #3 was released.

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Anything where I can find a workaround, I’m more than happy to muddle along if I can still enjoy the flight experience. The camera one you mentioned is the one that is really causing me the most bother right now. I use other mapping solutions so the VFR thing is not an issue. The Avionics with regards to the A32NX has presented no problems either. It’s really just the POI/Smartcam type bug that is really making the game completely unplayable at the moment. It’s just so unpredictable and you are in constant state of worrying about when it might happen that you don’t really enjoy the flight.

Some of the workarounds are to not use a feature, like AI traffic to prevent the ghosts. It’s pretty terrible idea of a “workaround”

If you can come up with an alternative, I think the community are listening.

You can look at it this way, as MS gets all the bugs out, fly a plane that has issues and figure a way to get out of the problem. When 320 had AP issues, and when I was landing, after turning of AP 100’ off runway, the plane veered to the right, the engines went crazy etc. I got out of it by doing a go around, and did it manually. I looked at it not as a bug (yes I know it was) but a plane failure and figured a way to land safely without any AP. I had fun with it. Much you can do while waiting for bugs to be fixed. However, if you are just using this as 100% learning simulator, then come back when all is working.