I honestly can't do this anymore

Go get xplane and or lockheed Martin Prepar3d

Got it, use it, love it

Sorry to see you go, and I do understand your frustration, but with 120hours logged I feel like I’m one of the few not consistently experiencing game breaking issues or are my expectations just more down to earth with a brand new platform? I’m just appreciative that we have a large new flight sim platform that is intended for long term updates.


I’m here!

Look guy, all sims are released broken. Third-party devs will be able to build you accurate planes, accurate weather, accurate flight model, accurate terrain, accurate water, etc. It just takes time and you need to be patient. Also, there is a well-developed 10-year plan with milestones for major releases that has been published. I mean a 10-year plan. Sorry, I mean a promise of a 10 year plan. Also, this is the greatest game ever released, just think about how much better this looks than Flight Sim 98. Clearly you’re the only one having issues, the game has the greatest reviews ever from every single gaming review site. If you have issues, you’re just going to have to wait for anyone other than the developer to fix it.


I am also very appreciative of the fact that we have such a stunning flight sim. As I said in my OP, I could live with other aspects of the game requiring fixing but, when it’s critical flight and avionics systems in such a state of disrepair, it impacts massively on gaming enjoyment. I don’t intend to stay away for too long. I just want the basic essentials to be fully functional before investing more time and money.

I’m optimistic that the required changes will come but, I don’t want to deal with the frustration in the meantime.

I have strong feeling ASOBO was pushed from someone from Microsoft to release this game way too early… But maybe I am wrong …


Of course they were - that’s what Microsoft does with all their farmed development. Sea of Thieves comes to mind in recent history.


I have already posted this on a different topic but again here is what i would really suggest these guys.

I would suggest the XPlane model for updates like this. You release a public beta version with multiplayer limited to those only running the same beta version while keeping the last stable version intact. Those who are interested on the beta, can try and report problems. Once it is stable enough, release and merge it with the stable version. By this way i think the software will definitely improve, since the developers need not depend only on their QA team. Also this will help the developers to take a sneak peek into what are coming and what changes are made, so that they can prepare their software accordingly prior to the release of the stable version.


I respect you want more functioning avionics. So do I. I’m simply not going to let that get in the way of me flying around to brand new areas. I also kind of like troubleshooting the GNS issues sometimes in-flight… call me a masochist :rofl:

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It seems like Microsoft decision not ASOBO…

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Last sims I had were MSFS 2000 (that’s 20 years old now…) and the first X-Plane. I ran these on sub-par PC’s for that time. You guys tire me with the whining.

Yes, there are problems. Yes they need to be fixed with focused, intelligent, and productive discussion and reporting. But this sim, to me, is freaking amazing. It’s the first time in my life I’ve owned a powerful PC and been able to use a flight sim that feels very realistic.

I had to quit flying IRL because I just can’t support a real life flying habit. I love aviation. I want to get back into it and this is my way to hold me over while keeping my mind fresh on aviation matters. I like gaming but this is no joke to me. I’m not shooting ILS approaches to get a high score if you catch my drift.

That said, I have many real life hours in Cessna’s, in particular a Cessna 150. I knew that 150 well, I was comfortable in it, had a feel for it. It was a rental but I liked that plane a lot. When I fired up the Cessna 152 in this sim I got goosebumps. The sounds, the cockpit, hell the only thing it couldn’t reproduce was the smell of AvGas and outdated upholstery. Bringing it into a grass strip in a full stall landing, that stall horn giving a hesitant wail as I touched down, oh man that felt almost real.

I’m not telling anyone to just deal with the issues, I want them fixed as much or more than most. But don’t overlook how dang far consumer home flight simulation has come with this. I used to put up with the same amount of loading time and bugs to fly around on what would look like an arcade joke now and enjoyed every minute of it. This is freaking awesome and I’m sure will only get better from here, with some bumps on the road maybe, but it’s good stuff.


Microsoft control price, PR, release date and allow\disallow staff to communicate in public or not. Asobo only develop, this how it works, It is 100% Microsoft release date. Asobo are not allowed to communicate in any public forum.


Love your irony - very subtle :+1:t2:

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It’s not that I am asking for more functioning avionics (though that would be great too), just for the ones already implemented to function correctly. They are kind of essential for IFR/ILS.


Completely agree. And this is why I really wish this community would stop blaming Asobo. They are just a contractor developing the game on behalf of MS. Its entirely MS’s mess up. They control everything.


Bro are u gonna be ok?

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This. It is hard to watch this train wreck unfold but when that beta was announced what seemed like a year too early it was obvious that it was going to be a disaster. They are just scrambling at this point because there is nothing else left to do.


His post is lathered in satire. He was making fun of the people who come back with the same responses to everything. It devolved to a similar state during the alpha except instead of waiting, people decided that we were really being bamboozled and they secretly had a 100% working build that they weren’t showing us and were instead having us test a piece of software that they had intentionally broken so that we wouldn’t leak things or pirate the software or something outlandish.

It was a pretty fun time and, honestly, I miss Jeff calling people entitled children, spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums, and talking about how he was ashamed to be part of the program. Maybe he’ll make a video about it one day.


I too am annoyed. I don’t mind that everything isn’t there right now, but I can’t stand jumping into the game after an update and going backwards.


I noticed you removed the comment about me whining, which I clearly wasn’t. That makes my last reply to you irrelevant now but, thanks for editing it. Just to add, I’m clearly not the “only one having issues”. Are you actually on a wind up?

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