I Interviewed Jorg Neumann on Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox, future plans, AI traffic, shared cockpit, replays, & much more 🤗

With the coming of the Xbox version, I managed to interview Jorg Neumann (Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator at Microsoft for those who don’t know) once again. You can find it below.

It’s a 5,000-word behemoth, so grab yourself a cup of coffee :smiley:

Of course, we talked about the Xbox version, but I asked him about quite a few things that may be of interest for existing simmers as well, including whether Orbis’ MD-10 can be made flyable, future plans (lots of interesting details like collaboration with museums and “Local legends” here), AI traffic, shared cockpit, replays, tidbits about the world updates, and more.

Incidentally, I said this before, but Jorg is awesome. His passion is definitely genuine and contagious, and it’s very, very obvious that he cares a lot about the sim. Talking to him about the future is energizing.

Hope you all like it. And yes, there are a lot of things I didn’t ask. I know. Unfortunately, time was limited even if Jorg was so kind to stay half a hour longer than he was supposed to (which is very rare among developers, and shows how passionate he is), and I tried to use the time to ask things that would be interesting for as many simmers as possible. Sorry if I missed things you consider important.


thx! gonna read that with interest :ok_hand:


That was a nice write up. It was good to get more of the perspective and context from the 30,000 foot view. (Or should I say FL300)


Very interesting read, thanks a lot.


Jörg is a flightsim enthusiast and he might be the only one in sich a position but he is a real fan of the franchise. HE wants it to be a successor and a real sim. But of course he must please everyone.


Thank you for sharing the link to your interview with Jorg. His enthusiasm seems boundless. This makes me smile, and is a great way to begin my weekend! :smiley:


Great interview but the ads are super annoying. I have to switch to my PC from my phone to read it through without page jumping due to ads being constantly loaded or unloaded

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Unfortunately, that’s beyond my paygrade.:thinking: But I’ll bring the feedback to my bosses (I already have, but I’ll repeat it).


I think it was a good interview, and it did provide his insight into what drives some of these people. Interesting to his comment on the local legends planes, so who knows what could be coming down the road. Nice piece, regardless of what some people feel of upper management :wink:


You are wrong on so many levels, it actually hurts.

Dude, I literally had casual conversation with Jorg over email the other day and he is not fake whatsoever. I don’t see him that way. People can be positive and he has a lot of reasons to be positive.

You can absolutely talk about anything with Jorg, I even found out that he cares a whole lot about historical planes.


He definitely does! :grinning:

I remember him saying somewhere else that his favorite is the Messerschmitt Bf 109 (great taste there).

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That was a great read, thanks for sharing.


Very good interview and surely not only marketing bla bla. Jörg is very sympathetic and makes me think to change my job and go to that team :slight_smile:


Talking about the Orbis when is that gonna be available ?? It’s been days since they said it would be available that day but still nothing ??

Excellent reading. Nothing really new, but the story is consistent and positive.

In regards to Jörg. I think a dream has become true for him. I work myself in a global tech comp and getting such project kicked off must be the ultimate challenge. Having the idea, convincing people, getting the budget, the Team. This is total success or getting fired.
Then positive feedback around the globe. All kinds of people want to be part of it. Within the company and outside. Simmers Community, Aviation community, Entertainment in general. If Microsoft knocks at the door, it opens. this must be like sitting in the center of the hurricane… Really cool to follow, the future is bright!


Ok Abriael, a good interview but a bit gushing, in my opinion.

When are you going to ask some of the more penetrative questions that have been mooted on this forum over the life of the product right from Alpha days?


For me good journalism means asking respectful but also critical, inconvenient and challenging questions. Nowadays where corporation invest in internet news sites, influencer etc. journalism has often succumbed to the mighty and influential ones and plays their tunes.

Any senior official knows exactly what he / she is going to say and to whom… and how it is likely going to be reported.

Please no offence to the author or Jorg, I dont know neither of them and I cant judge. But I would take whatever company (politician) say to the press also with a bit of a grain of salt and not just leap it up as the only truth…


That was a mistake. It’s going to be available on the 27th for everyone, not just Xbox.


I asked the questions I felt (and still feel) were more relevant to a wide enough slice of the community, including some for new people who are just approaching the hobby, because we’re going to have a lot of them coming soon and the interview was for them as well.

If you think other questions are more relevant, that’s fine. Your personal opinion is as good as mine. Luckily, you have the tools to ask them yourself. :grinning:

Incidentally, you may call it “gushing.” I’ll call it “Honest.” If I appreciate a developer’s work, I have no obligation to hold back the expression of that. They deserve the pat on the back. :grin:


Was a good read, thanks!

And I’ll take a little extra positivity over other people’s relentless negativity any day.