I just started to hate MSFS

Hello, I’m fed up with MSFS. SU8 installed, no mods and experienced a CTD after clicking FLY. I am experiencing this since the release of MSFS in 2020. It’s unbelievable that a product that’s been on the market for so long works so badly and the developers can’t manage to release a stable release. it causes 50% GPU usage when downloading files and crashes on wrong mouse click. The CDN is also a disaster, since it only achieves usable data rates if IPv6 is switched off. I am now uninstalling the product and am sorry for the wasted time and money. I don’t care if this post gets deleted or not. customer opinions are not taken into account anyway. selling new dlcs is more important.


K, bye. o7


Sorry you’re having issues. I was having endless issues and only solved it by doing a reset of Windows. It’s a pain in the butt to have to do that, but it worked and I’m happy again.

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DX12 gives instant CTD for me in aircraft like the Kodiak.

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Update to SU8.
Install latest version of the Kodiak.

Then, should NOT CTD in DX12 ( mine does not CTD in DX12)


I’m actually kinda starting to hate it too, but I’m kind of addicted to it now.

I wish I wasn’t…I’d just walk away honestly.


We all wish they would put out perfect code, but none of us knows what they’re dealing with by having to report to the mother ship.

We all wish they would fix OUR specific issues, but everyone else has THEIR specific issues too.

We all wish CTDs would go away - but I can’t imagine how to address how the code works fine on many workstations (as evidenced here on the forums) but not on others. (They should have been able to fix XBOX crashes by now though, since that’s pretty standard).

So what can you do? You can say goodbye to MSFS if you like, and no one here will hate you for it. Or, you can continue to ask for changes, upgrades, and fixes and hope someone is listening. Otherwise, you can wait for “that other sim” to be released and have at it.

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We are sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with Microsoft Flight Simulator, and we do hope you’ll come back. If you are having a specific issue with the sim causing you to not want to play, please report it here on the forums or on Zendesk.

We are closing this post out as we do not believe this topic would be beneficial in the forums, and we wish you the best of luck in your simming endeavors.