I kinda hate the game just because of this ill still play it its just WHY?

The fact that they use GiB Doesn’t make sense when it’s almost the exact same measurement size as GB why GiB it doesn’t make sense is it to make it look less than it is?

I always assume GB = GiB. In most IT fields you measure in powers of 2. GB in powers of 10 is a pretty meaningless measure to developers used mainly in marketing to make something look bigger than it is. The only reason the comparison exists is the fortunate coincidence that 2^10 is almost 1000.

The thing that gets me is ‘Set your experience’. What kind of English is that.

Now that is a good question. I wondered if it was either a strange French translation, or something to do with historic versions of FS?

Read the thread title. He did not say he would not play the game. It might be good if you edit your post.

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The funny thing is, most software actually uses GiB (1024MB in a GiB) and they just call it GB (which should be 1000MB in a GB).


You hate the game because the installer uses GiB instead of GB?


I think there is at least one thing everyone can point out they hate about the game. I think that is what the OP is implying. But does it matter?

I can make a list of things I hate about the game but my enjoyment from it outweighs the things I hate.

There is no reason to imply any poster needs to grow up because of whatever and people belittling other people because they hate something, or find something annoying. Remarks like that are very immature and reading them is definitely one thing I hate about this forum. And that’s the reason I very seldom post anything.

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