I Love The West ... Moab to Grand Junction

Follow the Colorado River…


Did that on the c152 and can confirm there are great views over there including the potash plant

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Yes, the potash evaporation ponds are amazing! Included that in my last video!

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You should drive the highway along that route sometime if you get the chance, it is spectacular!


I have on my way to Leadville from Phoenix…Beautiful!

Visit Moab IRL often. The area is beautiful.


Have to give this a go.


Started it out and it is truly amazing scenery. Was going to follow the river to the headwaters but ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow!

Will fly it tomorrow! Also, Photosbykev’s airstrip, Caveman Ranch(UT68), seems to be working fine(although not SU7 approved) and is located in Moab. It makes an excellent starting point for this scenic journey! (link below)

Caveman Ranch (Tangri-La), Moab, Utah UT68 » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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