I’m doing something stupid, but I can’t see properly!

Hello, I’m a newbie here. I used to play xplane 11 and got on quite comfortably with it.
I migrated to a series x recently. The thing that is driving me bananas is I don’t seem to be able to view the insides of the cockpit using a mouse, controller or a hotas without the camera ‘auto panning’ to forward as I right click the mouse and drag the ‘view’ to look in a certain place in the cockpit. This doesn’t happen in external view nor has it in any other simulator I’ve used.
Am I doing something really stupid or is there a set of controls I can adjust to stop this behaviour. It seems to me to be fundamental that your view should stay where you put it - if that makes sense!

There is an entry in the camera settings for view resets. I can’t remember the exact name, but I believe there is a choice between manual and auto.

Oh this is good info. I’ll be sure to investigate tomorrow. Thank you.

I think the setting is called Free View or Free Look - not sure. Look in the Cockpit section.

Errrr, nope. Still can’t get it to stop floating back to look forward.
Just to be clear, when you all move your view with a right click and hold mouse - does your view stay there until you move it again?
I’ve tried clearing the presets applying and trying again. Done this with mouse, controller and hotas. Nadda. Back to jumping or stuttering during the ‘panning’and then floating back to front. Surely this isn’t normal, native play?

No it’s not normal. Under general options > Camera have you made changes to the two Instrument view options by any chance?

Thanks floyd,
In options…camera….instruments…
Instrument view mode= toggle
Instrument view selection-manual

Free look mode =toggle
Free look reset-auto

Hold on a minute…………

You’re a genius……. But like the kind contributor before you said it’s the FREE LOOK AUTO that’s the problem. The series x has it on auto as default. You can switch it to manual and it’s fixed!!!
That was the most frustrating thing ever to fix, but thank you so much.

Thanks Clayton, too - 1 was looking in the controller options instead of general. Both absolute stars.