I’m losing my patience now - Xbox- Specific problem with marketplace add on graphics

Look, I get it development is tricky at the best of times. We’ve had the night flying ruined, I’ve got problems with third party stuff semi working.

I’ve recently purchased Moscow by drzweicky design, and for goodness sakes it’s in a terrible state. And the thing is I don’t think it’s the developers fault?

What is going on Asobo and Microsoft? I’ve ploughed money into the game, I bought the premium edition. I’ve sunk hundreds of pounds into addons, this being the latest costing 20 quid.

And this is what I’m getting. I should add too that it took me four attempts to load by the way before I got it to work. Twice crashed whilst loading, twice crashed whilst looking around the airport.

Just look at this:


I am sick and tired of crashes, photogrammetry problems, aircraft that don’t work as intended, no night flying, morphing, lack of third party updates, pop ups and missing scenery.

Sick of it all. Now are you going to sort this mess out or am I going to be pushing for a full refund Microsoft? Because this is not what I bought!!!


Looks like the game loaded the lowest LOD models.

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Not being facetious, but maybe hold off trying to add more 3rd party stuff.

The program has not demonstrated enough stability on PC over 13 months so it is fair to assume that XBox will be similarly unstable or more so.


I dunno I can’t keep up with the changing nature of this game. Sometimes it feels like servers, then internet connection, sometimes it feels like the install itself, I just don’t know anymore, it’s all completely random day to day.

As for third party addons they should be up to date immediately as a patch is released. I know for a fact that Microsoft are sitting on updates for airports from su5.

It’s just not good enough.


No you are right, it’s my bad but I’m just trying to enjoy this game. I’m a patient guy but these last few weeks are stretching it.


You’ll need to dig VERY deep in that case for this game/ sim.

A classic illustration of what happens when companies try to ‘put the cart before the horse.’


Well, be glad you’ve only had to endure a couple of months of torture. Those of us that bought the PC version a year ago have been on a roller coaster ride for the duration.


Or users…

Since day one there has been a balancing act between add-ons and base sim. There more ‘stuff’ that users plug in, the more unstable the base. Users need to remember that the 3rd party developers are learning the SDK on the fly and as more functionality in added, coding changes are required. There is a reason "Safe Mode’ has been implemented. It is up to the individual to ensure that the add-ons they purchase are 100% compatible with not only the base sim but the other add-ons they have installed. First rule of modding.


Well I mean it’s on the marketplace? That’s not my fault? If it’s on the marketplace it’s ready for sale.


Not true. The marketplace is only a venue. It is still up to the user to research the product they are buying. There have been, and will be, plenty of adds that are absolutely terrible and cause all kinds of conflicts. Lots of developers out there that are simply rushing things onto the market to take advantage of users in a hurry to buy more ‘stuff’. Over the years, I have deleted at least 75% of the add-ons I have purchased because they turned out to be garbage.


Yes that’s how add-ons work isn’t it. Some have great reviews turned out to be junk. Others have bad reviews and are fantastic. I have deleted well for the same reason they’re just junk. Almost everyone does not do a refund that’s just the way life is

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@Ant1975uk I added a bit to the title to clarify more for others the nature of this thread.

I don’t own a xbox capable of running MSFS so am unable to advise from personal experience a solution to this issue.

However, if I was in this position then one of the things I would be trying is to turn off xbox at the mains and leaving it for at least 30 seconds so that it will have an opportunity to do a full reboot on next start up. I couldn’t be sure if this would fix the issue but I would certainly be giving it a go. However, maybe you have already tried that.

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Looks awful, these low poly planes.

You recently purchased Moscow… when ?

Which of the Moscow airports are you showing ?

Do you run XBox-S or XBox-X ?

Happens on PC too occasionally, restarting helps

@SubtotalGuide how far away is that plane… (why did you enlarge the image)


To be fair I recommended the airport addon as I bought at the weekend and was actually shocked that everything was looking good and working as normal and now feel bad for recommending to be honest! It just does not make any sense how the series x can behave so different from person to person. I was sure it would be fine for everyone but need to keep my silly mouth shut from now on….really sorry Ant (
He’s bloody right though and it’s a complete mess and going from bad to worse and it would be nice to at least get some acknowledgment that these problems are being addressed!


I may be off base here but which server are you connected to? Maybe try a different one (is choosing possible on Xbox?)

Its the Moscow by DRZEWIECKI which is supposed to be top quality. I also had some weird flashing polygons going on across the screen, i tried to capture it but it didn’t show on the screens.

Im on series x.

Thanks for the advice, I haven’t tried that yet only other methods, cheers.

Ah blimey mate its not your fault don’t be daft. I checked out the reviews and its a winner, when it decided to work properly.

Yeah its odd how everyone is having different issues at different times. Makes me think its server related.