I may be a lone voice

…but I want to say that SU5+hotfix is the best the sim has been for me so far since launch.

So there, I’ve said it.

I fully expect the pitchforks to come my way, but you know what, I don’t care because my view is as valid as those who are opening thread after thread after thread telling Asobo how hopeless they are.

Just a few highlights, and there are many more, for me:

  • The performance is now excellent - I can fly at 60+ FPS over London and New York now and it looks beautiful
  • The visuals are excellent
  • The sim is running better than ever
  • Menus are smoother, faster and more respnsive than ever
  • The update process has worked every time for me
  • The world map is much better with the satellite imagery
  • Discovery flights are good for a quick spin if you’ve only got 20 mins to fly
  • Opening up to xbox will ensure the financial future of the sim
  • The new weather pop up with better toggle buttons is better
  • I can run that sim at full max sim rates for long periods now, without the sim locking up and blowing the available memory
  • We now have the performance headroom to push the visual fidelity even further in the future

My personal view on a few of the requests being made on these forums:

  • Please DON’T roll back to SU4 - that WOULD be a downgrade
  • Please DON’T separate the xbox and PC versions any more than they need so that they can take advantage of common code and economies of scale - to do otherwise will split your resources, and create unecessary tensions when in reality both platforms can benefit together - and it would immediately polarise the 3rd party community
  • Please DO open up the PC version to greater visual fidelity with added or extended sliders now that you’ve done a great job creating the performance headroom to do so
  • Please DON’T divert from your vision and goals for the sim - which are truly noble and should be applauded by a previously niche sim community which is now benefiting from becoming mainstream
  • Please DO keep improving the sim through the planned sim and world updates

So I want to say to Asobo a huge “thank you!”. You’ve really improved the sim this time with massive improvements across the board and launched on xbox at the same time. A huge achievement and one you should be proud of.

I’m not trying to antagonise anyone with this post. As I said, maybe I’m a lone voice, but I don’t care


Yes your a lone voice (or at best part of a small group) - look at the forums over the last 48 hours :smiley:

But glad someone is enjoying it :slight_smile:


SU4 had a better visuals (no pop-in, more details)
better PC like UI (I hate console UI)
SU4 did not have CTD
Controls works well while now we have a lot of problems (trim, can’t move while looking around,…)



I am happy with the performance. But, I think that they took the easy path by lowering the quality of the visuals to get there. Let us decide by using the sliders if we want to lessen the visuals to get better performance.


Correct, don’t understand why a slider should be a problem for people with old computer.

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Please give the hyperbole a rest. Seriously. Just stop.


We dont have real ai traffic. CTD continues. Sorry but, is not only me. if havign better performance means take out ai traffic and cloud quality: im not happy.
i bought a product that is changing always. every month is a surprise.
its like buying an apple and discovering that is a banana, and tomorrow: what will be?

thanks for your words, msfs is good. but whithout good clouds and ai traffic, is like google maps.


Same here . A bit disappointed with the LOD changes , but if it lets people with lesser performing systems enjoy this wonderful sim experience, I can live with it. Took a visit to the UserCfg file , and made some changes, so I’m happy overall !!


Someone on Avsim said that it was like taking in your 400 HP car for service and getting it back with only 350 HP!


hahah that kinda is what it feels like

Clearly the forum is by no means a reflection of the majority of players. Please don’t try to suggest that.


When it lights up with thousands of complaints it’s a good barometer.


Well I’m not sure what hardware you are running on or what your settings are but I’ll have to disagree with those points from my experience of SU5

SU4 looked beautiful, if on a scale of 1 to 10 SU4=10 then SU5=3 for me it looks awful.
Whole forests appearing and disappearing as I look around, AI buliding with almost no AA and shimmering like hell.
Clouds look ultra white with no detail, ground washed out and pastel shades with reduced shadows.
Draw distance reduce to about 1 mile out.

Flying over London I get a few more FPS than before but it’s still stuttery and the buildings appear and disappear as you look around. A complete mess from my perspective.

I’ve spent this morning trying various tweaks, reinstalled whole sim, Nvidia drivers etc. But sadly it just looks awful


Well we had a barometer in form of the by far highest voted request, it was people having major issues with performance, up to a level of an unplayable sim.
I did not read from anyone about a bad performance since the patch, and those voicing loud anger are by far less people.

So much for barometers.


Yes a lone voice.


Avsim,com has entered the chat. :grin:


If you think that the forums are not representative, especially when they are like they are at the moment then I fear you may equally be labouring under false delusions.

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Forums are never representative. It’s a biased selection of users and any statistic you pull from it will not hold up to be compared to the full player base.


Seems like that’s a completely foreign concept for some in here.


Indeed, people wanted better performance. But, I doubt that any of those who voted would have expected that the better performance would come at the cost of the visuals.