I may be a lone voice

Seems like that’s a completely foreign concept for some in here.


Indeed, people wanted better performance. But, I doubt that any of those who voted would have expected that the better performance would come at the cost of the visuals.

Feel free to doubt. But since some/many weren’t able to have a stutter-free experience even with the lowest settings simply due to being CPU bound (for a full year now!), I’m pretty sure there are people willing to sacrifice a bit visual quality to actually being able to fly at all.

How many? I don’t know. But you don’t either, so let’s not quantify what we can’t.


SU4 definitely suffered from ctds. Just do a forum search.


Don’t confuse qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis.

I am not suggesting ‘representative’ = statistically valid.

If thats what you are aiming for then I agree this is not.

I think it works as a yardstick.

If you want to play the black and white game then your assessment that no forums are representative because its a bias selection then your equally have no data to back up that assessment.

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All your experience, but not mine

I use real time traffic and have no issues, clouds look good to me

Also your experience, but not mine

Interesting that, of this massive majority of people with problems, only 1000 people or so have voted on the official vote thread where they could easily state their opinion:

Not my experience

Here are some screenshots and a couple of videos that share what I see.

25000feet over NY:

Some other NY shots:

My round the world thread - last 2 legs done after SU5:

And some videos:


10‘000 players live in MSFS right now (Steam stats) 12‘000 peak today! (And this does not include MS Store users)
We did not have this high numbers since February.

Yes, people are enjoying SU5 and are just flying, as i am too.
The majority is enjoying it and has no time and nerves for the ■■■■■■■■■ that is hitting our community right now.

So, yes, you are right. Its only a loud minority here on the forums. :slight_smile:


People who are complaining about visual quality, LOD slider to 200 and render scaling to at least 130 and be happy. The sim is running as smooth as never.


Yep, and that doesn’t include MS Store and XBox users.

I’d be really interested in real statistics about how many people really hate the changes and how many are happy with better performance with a degradation of graphics as we got it.

The voices are valid, I’m not saying all is fine. It’d be just interesting to know :slight_smile:
Just because you are willing to register on the forums and open a thread doesn’t make your opinion more relevant than those who don’t.


I’ve got my LOD slider to 400 via the usercfg and scaling does nothing useful

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What exactly is wrong with the clouds? Even with my weak system they ok, IMHO.

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So you contend that everyone not posting/using the forums is a happy customer?

What allowance do you make in your assessment for:

  • People that don’t use forums ever.
  • New users that have downloaded the game and are not using the forums yet.
  • People that have not seen the forum post.
  • People that do have issues but don’t bother reporting.

I could go on.

If your assessment that a vocal minority is all that is represented by a forum, does the same apply if everyone jumps up and says something is great? Are they a vocal minority as well - does that actually mean eveyone is not happy? If you contest that anyone that has not posted an opinion on the forums is a ‘happy customer’ then your analysis is fundamentally flawed IMHO.

That said (and I am bored now so this will be my last here), I do agree there has been something of a knee jerk reaction as well as too much ‘Xbox sucks please just keep it on PC’ hyperbole.

That said, and I am bored of saying this

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“Lone voice”? maybe, but that’s not because you are on your own. The (flightsim) skies are full of people enjoying the new update and better performance.
You are unlikely to see them here, because they are too busy flying. Great you took the time to share your enjoyment.
At the moment the forum is full of frustrated people trying to get everything to work. It will take a bit of time for 3rd Party Devs to make their changes but it is happening (Carenado Waco update on MP)
What would really help move things along, would be dialling down the emotion and give clear, concise cataloguing of the problem.
There are plenty of people that might already know a fix or work around and if a fix is needed clearly identifying the symptoms is always going to help more than 100 opinions on what they should have done.
Take a deep breath, analyse what is happening as best as you can, see if you can repeat the problem. Then search here, google and if you don’t find the fix, Post here in the most appropriate category so it will be found quicker and then raise a ticket. If its a 3rd Party issue make sure they know too.


Saturday morning just after release … those are dismal numbers.

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No, they are not. As they are the highest since 5 months. Why is that dismal?


The sim sold MILLIONS of copies on PC in it’s first months, m i l l i o n s

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But there were never millons playing it at the same time… that’s absolutely normal.

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Did they say that?
There is simply a huge number of players we don’t know their opinion of, but they did not abandon the sim, actually the opposite.
So if they’re happy or not, they’re flying. And thats a data point as well as the complaints here on the forums.

People writing open letters or stating things in the name of an assumed majority simply neither have an idea if they are a majority at all. And that’s the point made here.


Sorry but you are missing the point there.

For me I now have Terrain LOD at 200 was using about 150 before but it looks far worse now. And Terrain LOD doesn’t do anything to the whole forests/building popping in and out of view as you look around issue.

Yes I can increase rendering above 100 now but it still doesn’t stop the ugly and distracting Zero AA shimmering effects on AI buildings.
And obviously neither of those settings have an effect whatsoever on the washed out scenery colours, lack of shadows and cloud reflections over water.

I have even resorted to having a go at editing the LOD in the user.cfg file (something I’d usually avoid) but all increasing lod to 300 or 400 in there does is increase the range out at which whole forests now pop into view as I look around along with a decrease in performance.


You are not alone. Well said :+1: