I miss flying MSFS

It’s been a pretty dismal 9 days. Since launch, I’ve been spending a couple of hours (at least) every single day in MSFS hopping around the globe. Despite the annoying issues and occasional bugs, and broken things that require workarounds, and occasional frustrating crashes (thankfully a rarity now), it’s been a very enjoyable experience.

But after the last 2 updates, I find myself spending myself less time in the sim. The UK update really hurt my performance significantly. It brought what was up until that point a smooth, fluid, beautiful experience in all but the busiest areas (known performance issue hotspots - KLAX, KJFK, KATL, etc) to the level of being merely “acceptable”, and utter frustration in the aforementioned hotspots.

Since SU3 though, my baseline performance is atrocious, with my system struggling to break 20 fps regardless of how low I set my graphics. And that’s just while sitting on the apron cold and dark. Once I start up and start taxiing, that drops to mid teens, and even into single digits at times. And on top of that slow baseline performance, I then have to deal with the random stutters I didn’t have before and pauses of several seconds that will dip my frame rates into single digits.

Is it unplayable? No. It can be played. But is it enjoyable to play like it was before? Also a resounding “NO”. Since SU3 dropped, I’ve spent the majority of my time with MSFS open messing with configurations, settings, locations, etc trying to get it to run acceptably. I’ve only completed a few short flights that I really didn’t enjoy much, and have quit several mid-flight because it was just too frustrating to continue.

What’s kind of sad is that MSFS is the flight sim I’ve been waiting on for the last 30 years. I had never been able to get into civilian flight sims in the past. I like GA and VFR. I tried different sims over the years and was always underwhelmed at the (lack of) scenery, generic ground textures, bad satellite imagery, limited world, lack of landmarks, etc. None managed to really deliver what I wanted - a rich, realistic world that’s believable and immersive.

And I dove in headfirst. I bought the sim at launch. I have 600+ flight hours logged, although I know I have a lot of hours missing due to my log book not correctly recording most of my flights in the first couple of months (Steam says I’ve been in sim over 1300 hours). I went from owning nothing but a cheap T-Flight HOTAS for flight games back in August to spending a few thousand dollars on flight gear for a home cockpit setup. And of course, planning for more too. And I was absolutely loving every second of it.

But right now, that’s been taken away from me. I get home from work wanting to fly. I set up my cockpit, get into MSFS for a few mins, see how poorly it’s running, and just shut it down again. I want to fly badly, but know how horrible of an experience it will be, so I just disconnect the cockpit, move it out of the way, and do something else instead.

It feels like I just won $10M at the lottery after playing every week for 30 years. So I finally quit my job and retired early only to have the tax man hand me a bill for $9.99M. :confused:


I understand this feeling. I have a mediocre pc and in order to play the game I have to crank the settings down to low. Now because of a problem on my end but just because the game isn’t optimized as efficiently as it could be. I feel your pain man.


I agree - it’s so strange - my FPS get worse the longer I play, which is such a depressing way for it to work! I used to have rock-steady 45fps playing at almost all ultra. Now it might start around 40, but after a bit of sightseeing, it’s down around 15, and it just feels pretty painful to play.

Where I’m at today is that I think MSFS will be an amazing game to play on the next gen of computers, after they’ve fixed some of this stuff. In 2-3 years, with a new gen of cards and processors, with 2+ years of optimization, I’m hoping this is the sim we all wished it was today. But for now… it’s hard to motivate to open it.


It’s really unfortunate that new performance bugs are affecting some people. I’m sorry you’re having this experience, and I hope they figure out the cause and fix it soon!


Well said.


Agreed. It’s a bit ahead of its time atm and requires some beefy hardware to run everything maxed out. But despite what is now my mid-tier machine, it WAS running amazingly well for me prior to the UK update. I used to have a mix of ultra and high settings, with a couple of the less important ones at medium. I could run it at all ultra and maintain 30+. But I preferred the option of sacrificing a little bit of visual flair for a smoother experience

UK update forced me to have to drop to those ultra settings to high, high settings to medium, and medium to low. And despite that, I was still running 10-15 fps lower than before. Most of the time I was over 30 fps, so still acceptable and enjoyable for the most part, but the busy hot spots really made the frames drop badly when I got near them. So I had to restrict where I would fly. That meant having to restrict myself from flying familiar routes I enjoy.

And with SU3, nothing I do to graphics makes any difference. Whether I use my normal settings of high / med at 1440p or all at 720p, low settings across the board, everything online / traffic, etc disabled, it makes no difference in my frame rate whatsoever. I don’t even have the option of lowering setting to increase performance.

That’s inevitable. The forum has a wonderful little “block user” feature I like to use on them.


I know how you feel, I’m not having the same problems, but the whole way this development is being handled now has put me off from making anymore addon purchases, no more investment from me until ‘I’m personally happy’ that the platform is stable enough to invest into.


@Crunchmeister have you looked at your NVIDIA settings ? I got 4 fps extra (on 16 haha that is 25%) by switching everyting to “let the application decide”. I feel with you… before the march update I had 18-24, now I see 13-18 depending on the scenery. Btw I switched cache off… I’ve no real long hickups anymore.
I also noticed that “anisotropic filtering” is expensive. When I excercise takeoff and landing, I put it off.

Well said my friend, it has got so uninjoyable to fly now, its so much slower now, it was so smooth for me before. I noticed the frame rate limiter has stopped working since sim update 3, also AI aircraft only show up about 4 miles away any further they dissapear. I am so upset that its broken. It was so much better before the last few updates, and don’t get me started on the London photogrametry, All I will say about it is that it’s turned off in my sim. I dread updates because it feels like it just breaks as much as it fixes. I think asobo should slow down on the country scenery updates and concentrate on fixing the sim and test test test before releasing an update.


Almost exactly my experience. :frowning: Over the past week I have spent almost my whole MSFS time creating and testing addons and almost haven’t flown at all. It’s simply no fun at the moment because of those stutters. :cry:

Same here. I found out that after playing a while my (8GB) GPU memory get’s totally clogged up. That’s when the stutters begin. In photogrammetry areas this happens almost immediately. In autogen areas I can play up to 15 minutes before everything goes slideshowey …


I’ve reset my nVidia panel to default, which has always given me by far the best performance in MSFS. It makes no difference at all.

This isn’t a GPU issue. It’s a runaway CPU process that’s hogging all the main thread’s cycles.


It’s time for Asobo to do a real optimization update. Don’t add scenery… don’t change aircraft… just focus on the kernel code doing the DX-12 graphics. GPU resources are supposed to be saved/cleared/freed and more than one thread used to do CPU-tasks… There are too many complaints about FPS.


Does that mean your CPU is running at max? As stated above my stutters start when the GPU memory fills up to the max. My CPU is barely doing any work when it happens. Interesting …

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I also had high expectations for this sim. The constant drabble about how we need to accept things for the way they are because it has teething problems is absurd. This was supposed to be the team that took the sim to places that other platforms ignored. Weather, traffic, realism, dynamic world- all that. That’s the dream we were sold. In reality, nothing fully-works. It never did, and I have doubts that it ever will at the rate things are going.

Yet, it’s just good enough to keep me hooked. Just good enough for the millions of people who will come home from work, crack open a beer and fly a Cessna around their house. So, this will be a wildly-successful game for those who really don’t get into it seriously. The promise is this will be a sim for everyone- but is that even possible? Where’s the incentive to add depth and functionality and all that if the vast majority of users can’t care less?

I’m still waiting for basic things to come into the sim, like autopilots that work or weather that doesn’t turn my jet into a popsicle. A camera system that actually does what I want it to do. Radar that actually picks up thunderstorms? That’s a novel concept in a sim that models severe weather :man_shrugging:

Or how about traffic- you know, that awesome real-time stuff that we were promised would fill the sky? It’s been how long since release? We’re still trying to figure out where models will come from.

Don’t even get me going on PG. It’s a good thing that helicopters won’t be fully-supported for a year because it will probably take that long to figure out how to make cities look less apocalyptic.

What we have is spiky terrain replaced with gashes or airports infested with blue lights. We got to fly with strange glows around everything during the most beautiful times of the day for weeks. Then we get that fixed but now we have performance problems which locks me out of a lot of places I normally like to fly.

Meanwhile, we’ve been flying with shadow bugs that really kill immersive flying at night. Or over airports that are so unbelievably-bright from 50 miles away. That’s how they looked 20 years ago. Still haven’t figured out Z-fighting in scenery. This plug-n-play patchwork of old and new features connected by algorithms isn’t enough. This shoot-first and let’s see how it goes philosophy isn’t what I expected with this sim.

I expected more I don’t know, organization and responsiveness I suppose. A team that had their act together with workflows and quality control.

I don’t really fault anyone for this- other than the fact that the hype definitely didn’t live up to reality. I just hope that moving forward, things become more efficient and more-responsive. More proactive instead of reactive.

I don’t know what to expect as everyone is taxed to the limit and going in 100 different directions at once in the mad dash to fix problems while introducing new features while getting ready for X-box. I’m sure this thing will be great in a year or two, but I wasn’t expecting to have to wait that long for a solid ecosystem.

So, we’re in sim-limbo. Instead of two half-baked platforms, we now have three. It’s hard to enjoy the depth of P3D or the richness of X-plane anymore because of the visuals in MSFS. Yet, it’s hard to enjoy MSFS because it’s so superficial, unpredictable and incomplete.

I’m sure the sim will look great in a couple of years time. But in the interim, I don’t have a lot of confidence that the sim will evolve fast enough to really provide a consistently-satisfying experience.

To be honest, I’m weary from waiting, and I’m finding myself spending less time flying, which is probably a good thing in all reality.


In general I agree but it’s not that easy. The guys at Asobo who are working on 3D design and content creation probably have no idea how the game engine works. So it’s no use NOT letting those designers continue their work. But sure: it’s no use either giving us new content, when it’s no longer fun to play.

The thing is it Was running well, fps wise. So it cant be hard to reverse it surely


The more scenery is added, the more bing resolution is upgraded, the better that scenery will be. But the scenery is fine now… the current issue is FPS. This requires looking at the low level stuff. I think a kernel update could be under 2Gb and make a lot of people happy.


switch off vSync
depth of field
lens correction
lens flare
glass cockpit refresh rate medium

might help a bit


1 thread pegged at 100% all the time, generating more CPU heat than what I get running a full 8 core / 16 thread workload.

And I did that last night actually - I pulled out an old astrophotography dataset from last year to play around with it (since I couldn’t fly). It spent 35 mins doing the initial photo stacking. That hits all my 16 threads at 100% for the duration of the process. I only hit 63° at highest.

The single core MSFS process will heat me up to almost 80°. And that’s just 1 core being pegged. That leads me to believe it’s a runaway CPU process.


Thanks. Well can’t say I have the same experience there. But next time I will look closer on all the cores.