I need a stol capable airplane with a turbine

Hello, for high-altitude airfields such as Notre Dame in France, the performance of the Robin DR400 is nowhere near enough. What do you have at Bush flights for high altitudes for planes with stol characteristics ?

Thanks for help, JoeAir

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Not a turbine but a very powerful and capable STOL plane: Savage Grravel - Monster Truck in the Skies » Microsoft Flight Simulator

And it’s lighter brother: Savage Carbon - STOL Realism Mod » Microsoft Flight Simulator

This is a turbine and can do short landings/take offs, but debatable if STOL: Vertigo - Turbo Prop Racer » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Notre Dame ? Wich one ? There are hundreds of places with this name in France :smiley: :wink:

If you are talking of ND de la Salette altisurface, you really dont need a turbine as it’s only at ~5200ft. https://www.basulm.ffplum.fr/PDF/LF3826.pdf

As DNBOF said the GotGravel’s Grravel and Savage Carbon are wonderful bush planes. But the one I love the most is the GG Savege Obstuction:

You can also have a look at the Bagolu’s bush Cessna 172 (available in 4 versions: Classic panel or G1000, with front wheel or taildragger. Search for bagolu on Flightsim.to). They are very good too, not only for rough terrains but also for longer VFR trips.

If you want to keep flying a DR400, choose the Dranbar’s 155HP Dauphin:

(If needed, you can power it up to 180HP as a 180HP version of the DR400 exists).

Last but not least, if you really want a STOL plane with turbine, this PC-6 is made for you (but you’ll have to wait a little bit):

Voilà, voilà…


Oh, thank you for the detailed answer and yes, it is la Salette, one of those amazing destinations from SpeedJoJo, see here on youtube Most places in the Pyrenees, most airstrips in the french mountains are higher up and difficult to reach. tight curves, quick adaptation to the contours are necessary and therefore performance is often required.

Simworks Studios are working on a Kodiak but it is not out yet.

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[quote=“PlumbGlue67, post:3, topic:403075”]
ND de la Salette altisurface
[/quote]? 5200 feet? More like 5000 to 5800, its like a 45 degree angle, LOL!

[quote=“trashmon49, post:8, topic:403075”]
More like 5000 to 5800, its like a 45 degree angle, LOL![/quote]

I’m refering to the official chart:

Evidently, a sloppy runway dont have same altitude on both sides.
You also can see runway 19 is 180m long at 20% and runways 21&24 150m long also at 20%.
Knowing that 20% for 100m long is 11.31°, it’s very far from a 45° angle, wich is a 100% slope !

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Try the Grravel, you’ll be positively surprised of it’s capabilities.
Highly powered, amazing climb rate, very low speed flying before stall, great maniability, a really STOL plane wich can go everywhere in French mountains.
Even on Mont Blanc. (And you wont find higher in Europe. :wink: )


It’s also very far from flat, LOL! Oddly enough, it meets the Uphill Climb achievement requirement of slope +/> 12 degrees. Apparently, 11.31degrees is close enough to a 21.27% slope.

20% is an average on the total length. Some parts could be less or more. I dont know how the Uphill Challenge calculate the results.
And sure ND de la Salette is not flat, specially if you climb by feet ! :sweat:
Did you tried the Rockfall LS60 site by Parorng (the one in my Savage Obstuction vid )?

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I agree. It seems to continually get steeper. I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ll go give Rockfall a shot! (It’s not landing on the vertical face of a cliff, is it? :laughing:).

You may also want to check out the Robin DR250 conversion mod. It converts the DR400 to a taildragger and upgrades to 160hp engine:

Robin DR250-160 Capitaine » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Asobo added a Notre Dame landing challenge yesterday and specifies the DR400. How does asobo solve the problem of density height? This Dr400 will lose so much increase in performance with QNH of 1000 compared to standard 1013 and in summer with 20 ° C that flying will not be possible. With these values and an airfield height of approx. 5000 ft, the density height is approx. 8000 ft. The DR400 in the mountains is probably not able to do this sensibly. Thanks, JoeAir

Once again ND de la Salette is not hery high and even the standard Asobo DR400 with it’s 118HP fly perfectly at this altitude even in summer.
You’d better try to fly this challenge and stop torturing your neurons.
Blue skIes.
P.S. I will do a vid and post the link.

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Does it fly correctly or not ?

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It flys perfekt with much power. I can see it when you set the throttle and watch the speed accelerating.
I try it today with a) landing challenge and b) from the scratch as free flight.
In free flight i am not able to reach your speed.

No, no and no !
I did it with the 118hp standard DR400 !
If your controls or settings are not OK, I cannot do anything for you.
Imagine whatever you want with your theoretical calculations, do whatever you want, but do it by yourself.
Trying to help since the beginning and being called a liar, now it’s enough for me !
Use a turbine to fly at 2000m if you think it’s neccesary and forget us.
Bye with no regards
P.S. I think your profile is fake.

Oh, you’re very aggressive, I don’t want that either. Have different experiences with the landing adventure and free flight with real weather.

For an almost vertical cliff landing, try Lumio airstrip in Papua, Indonesia.

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