I never donated toward freeware until I tried Little NavMap

This is really an incredible piece of work. Anyone who is using one of the “monthly subscription” alternatives needs to give it a try.

I bough a little 19" monitor from IT surplus at work for $25 just for the purpose of leaving the tracking map running. Seems only right to give whoever spent all this time an energy the same support. I don’t know why it’s free, but let’s keep it that way and use that “Donate” option!


It`s a wondervull Tool!!!


I’m using Little NavMap for years now and it’s an incredible tool for sure.
I also think the creator(s) should receive some support for this ongoing project.

I will also use the donation-option to show my gratitude.

Happy Holidays :evergreen_tree:

So you have never bought WinRAR?


What’s the difference between Little NavMap and say ProjectFly?

Haha. Totally agree!
And I am only laughing because I did exactly the same thing!

LNM, with it’s ‘full fat’ functionality, professional look and feel and long term support from Alex, really does put a lot of other TP dev’s offerings [payware or otherwise] to shame!

You have another convert Mr Albar!

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Just downloaded and donated, this guy deserves support. What a product.

(Looks down in shame.)

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I agree. It is a top piece of software. I have a subscription to a paid service but that’s just for the charts and the latest nav data really. I use LNM every time I fly because it’s got great features, and even use it to keep my logbook. I have made a donation.

Agree, great software

Well said, it is well deserving of a donation.

I have hardly ever used the FS2020 map to plan a flight… I use this great tool. Then I track my progress in it, use it to look up airport info, tower, VOR and ILS frequencies during the flight, then afterwards use it to record a log. I’ve just paid for a service to get up to date nav data, so I’m expecting it to be even better now that I’ve got MSFS and LNM sync’d with all this latest data. Wooop!

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Couldn’t agree more. He really does a splendid job keeping up with various flight sims. I make an annual donation. Cheers!

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Agreed, LNM is an incredible tool, and pretty amazing that it’s completely free. Definitely worth a donation!

You mention getting a second monitor to run it, though – in case you or anyone else isn’t aware, there’s a toolbar plugin that will let you display it in-game: https://github.com/bymaximus/msfs2020-toolbar-little-nav-map


I donated twice. He deserves it at the most. I use it now several years and didn’t find anything better.
He is always keeping the program up-to-date and when you need support?
Really fantastic!!


Totally true, just donated as well (so thanks for the reminder ;-)) as I’m using LNM on a daily basis now!

Oh, brilliant. I wonder if that will work in VR. I guess we’ll find out in a few hours…

Donate to simbrief too and I donated to projectfly.

Thanks for the reminder, I am using LNM daily for my flights and it is a really stable solution to plan MSFS flight plans. Donated.

Little Navmap is an example of what software should be… powerful, efficient, and nearly bug free. I always look forward to planning my flight with it.

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