I played with filters…

I played with filters using some photographic software and turned poor melted photogrammetry Vancouver into art. :upside_down_face:


bro went back to the 1900’s

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There’s a Spitfire in the photo somewhere…. :rofl:

where is it?

Downtown Vancouver, around the area of Vancouver General Hospital looking west over the Burrard and Granville Street bridges (over False Creek), in the background are the Coastal Mountains, specifically Cypress Mountain.

no Im asking where is the spirit fire?

I believe that is called “the Soul”

Lol…i think it was a joke about the **spitfire

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LOL. Oh the Spitfire…. It should be just before the Granville Street bridge. It’s kinda blurry in the pic…. LOL


LOL I give up I can’t find the spiritfire;)