I really enjoy using this sim to perform displays and watch them from the ground. But there's some problems

So I basically get 95% of my enjoyment out of just doing precise acrobatics over landmarks and airports and watching them replayed from the ground.

Problem is, the drone mode is not very good for that kind of thing.

Problem 1) There’s only a render distance of about 2KM before aircraft disappear, so that puts loop the loops off the table.

Problem 2) The camera freelook cannot be operated by the mouse. So that’s realistic filming out the window.

Problem 3) You can’t zoom in all that much.

I’d really love to see render distance options so you can see your plane no matter how far, maybe just in low poly.

I’d also really love to see a camera mode more catered to live spectating, rather than nice screenshots.

Any thoughts? I’m up for discussion.

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What is needed,besides the rediculous draw distance which you correctly stated,is the FLY BY or TOWER CAMERA which sadly,in the road map for the replay,it’s stated as NOT STARTED
That means that Asobo wants to give us a replay system with no such cameras? What’s the point then since we already have the awesome freeware “Flight Recorder” ?

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Ive never been so confused by a simulator in my life.

It makes no sense how they develop this game.

I mean for one, what’s the point of even having a draw distance limit like 2km?

As if it would make even 0.001% difference to mid-high end CPU’s if you pushed it to 10km.

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It’s a mystery development sim
No replay
No D.Distance as you say
and many more.
Oh well…it’s been nearly 2 years now.Let’s hope that in the 10 year mark,it will be complete :grimacing::joy:

While I agree with the points you made, I should mention that controlling the drone camera with a Xbox controller is an absolute breeze. You don’t mention if you use one, so I thought I’d mention it. It makes the the drone cam a really powerful tool for doing displays and presentations, once you learn how to control it properly. I still agree that we need tower and fly-by views, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the drome cam as “not very good for that kind of thing” when in actual fact it’s REALLY good for “that kind of thing”.

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is there any documentation or button mapping charts for drone camera controls? i had trouble

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