I still enjoy the beauty and calm

I have found my inner peace now with the sim and i enjoy what we have with patience.

I started the first leg of my „Tour to unknown“ (as i will call it) in my Cessna 172 (wish i had the premium deluxe version by the way :wink: )
From Graz (Austria) to Mariazell. I enjoy it to fly legs with about 30 to max 60 minutes. VFR with GPS. And yes, the sim looks beautiful and for now a have no issues so far. Only peace and fun :slight_smile:

Here is my first leg:

And here is my second leg from Mariazell to Krems at the Donau:

How to you enjoy it?


Here is my third leg of my “Tour to Unknown”

I don’t know yet where i should go next…

You could keep flying along the Alps until you reach the sea. A lot of nice things on the way.
I’m doing pretty much the same thing in western USA with the 160HP version of the Dr400. Short legs, all VFR with a minimum of radionav (I like keeping an eye on the map), real weather, a lot of sightseeing. I started with Devil’s Tower, flew west across Wyoming to the Bighorn Mountains, Yellowstone, then south towards Grand Teton, Salt Lake City, SE to Telluride, Monument Valley (free addon), lake Powell, Grand Canyon.
10 legs until now, a bit desertic sometimes, but not one without a “wow”.

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