I stopped playing at Sim Update 4, worth coming back?

Considering how varied the MSFS experience is from user to user, other peoples’ opinions on whether it’s worth coming back (or leaving) is subjective and totally dependent on that individual’s personal experience, which may be drastically different from another user’s.

Asking others is not ilkely to get you any info of real value.


Hallo zusammen,

meiner Meinung ist es ein wenig besser geworden, das Nachladen von Details hat sich zumindest ab ca. 1500 feet verbessert, aber nachdem ja die fps sich erhöht hatten, sind diese seit dem Update wieder niedriger, vorher bis 65 fps, nun sind es 25-35 fps. Trotzdem fühlt sich das Bild flüssiger an. Allerdings schraubt die GRAKA (RTX 2060) runter von 90-100% auf 40-60% der Leistung, könnte damit zusammenhängen. Die CPU (I7-10700 KF) hat bei 15-25 % auch nicht viel zu tun. Ich habe die meisten Einstellungen auf Hoch, Pre-Caching mit 32GB auf Ultra. Auflösung des Monitors 2560x1440.

Mal sehen, wie es weitergeht, vielleicht kann ich wie zu Beginn auch mal wieder was von den 32GB RAM einsetzen. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

In diesem Sinne noch angenehme Stunden mit dem FS.

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Hello everyone

in my opinion it has become a little better, the reloading of details has improved at least from about 1500 feet, but after the fps had increased, they are lower again since the update, previously up to 65 fps, now it is 25-35 fps. Nevertheless, the image feels more fluid. However, the GRAKA (RTX 2060) screws down from 90-100% to 40-60% of the power, could be related to this. The CPU (I7-10700 KF) doesn’t have much to do at 15-25% either. I have most of the settings on High, Pre-Caching with 32GB on Ultra. Resolution of the monitor 2560x1440.

Let’s see how it goes on, maybe I can use some of the 32GB RAM like at the beginning. Hope dies last.

In this sense, still pleasant hours with the FS.

:joy: :rofl: made my day


Luckily I don’t have any cloud images at all …
Doesn’t matter in VR either. But where did my trees go?

But I have to admit that at first glance some things have turned out to be very positive.
Visually: not quite at SU04 level yet, but close to it.
Performance: runs smoothly for me in VR.

Internal / technology / Avionik … I still have to fight my way through.

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Preset? Also just fancy lighting making it look 100 times better than in daytime.

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Your statement is a general one: “clouds are bad”. You do not specify in any way under what conditions the clouds are bad on your system. To prove such a generalized statement wrong, it is sufficient to find only one example where it does not hold true. The conditions are irrelevant, as they were irrelevant in your original statement.

Nevertheless, this is live weather right now over Zürich, I can actually see the clouds moving, as the wind is pretty strong, just like IRL right now:

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I complained a lot after SU5 and gave up on it for a bit, now since SU6 I am very happy with the sim so far and its my main FS again.

It looks fantastic and so far… I am thoroughly enjoying it again.

Coming back? The good: Visuals, weather, clouds, lighting, the FBW A32NX-project, Working Title. The bad: Everything else.

Wow you’re incredibly lucky. In SU4 the sim was in a great place. Then SU5 came along and wrecked everything. But a couple of hotfixes and SU6 later, the sim is again in a great place again. You skipped an entire period of suffering.

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