I think I broke MSFS 2020

Situation: Mooney Ovation copilot door started opening & closing randomly during flight and while taxiing. Deleted the Carenado Mooney folder and re-downloaded and installed from the Marketplace. Still have issue.

Considering fresh install of MSFS 2020. But first, I opened a ticket on Zendesk and sent a short video clip that shows the door opening & closing multiple times.

If I decide to do a reinstall, is there a knowledge resource available for doing that?

Many thanks for guidance!

No need to reinstall. It’s a known issue that AI aircraft are affecting weird things in aircraft including turning knobs, pressing buttons, turning off AP, etc. I’d say turn off AI aircraft and see if that fixes your problem.


If it continues to happen, you might want to seek help from Carenado, since it’s a third party addon.


Thanks… Already off. Only real aircraft.

Been that route. Replaced the aircraft. Problem still there. Will see what MSFS Zendesk says. Thanks!

Do you have these two options enabled:

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Humor alert :upside_down_face:
Going only by your topic header, I worry that a lot of people may blame you for the problems they are having with MSFS…

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Yeh, how to get yourself lynched in one easy step! :laughing:

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Understood. To answer your initial question, which no seems to have done yet, including myself:

Are you steam or windows installed? If steam installed, uninstall via steam’s method. If windows installed, go to add/remove programs and uninstall Flight Simulator. Make sure you say you want all documents removed.

You’ll then have to go in and manually delete the community and official folders as the uninstall will not do that.

When you download again, FS2020 is currently broken in that it will not download all the aircraft on initial install. Go into the content manager, select the “check all” box, and download all the content there.

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Thank you! That was the information I was seeking!

That is hilarious

Thanks! I tried that today. No joy! :disappointed_relieved:

Best to go to caranado directly as its 3rd party a/c.


I’ve had quite a few of their ac over the years in fsx and always found their support and products top notch.

The cockpit poltergeist strikes again.

It’s not the Mooney that’s the problem, nor it being a 3rd party plane. It’s MSFS that’s the issue.

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Are there any caranado default key settings built in with that ac, that conflict with msfs key setting?