I think I'm more excited about the September update than I was about the actual launch!

I cannot wait for the September update that is coming soon. There are so many little ‘quality of life’ issues that I know I am crazy to hope will all be fixed but I am sure some of them, like load times will be improved and will make this great product so much more enjoyable. The update is due sometime on or before the 21st, right? Maybe it will be tomorrow!! :smiley:


I wonder if they’ll fix flight saving… It has so many issues right now I don’t even bother to save. I just write down my fuel and parking spot and use that information when starting a new flight.


NEXT UPDATE – 09.17 Then we’ll know more


I, too, am counting the seconds for this promising looking update. But let’s try to remember that a lot of things will be fixed, a lot won’t and probably more than a few that worked will break.

But we’re going to get monthly updates so just imagine where we’ll be 6 months from now - especially when the big guns start releasing the real planes…


Well, slightly off-topic- but have you guys heard there is a developer working on a Lockheed Vega and Boeing 247 as well as our other good news? Great days we’re livin’ Bros!

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The patch might be released before that

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Yes I did, and different versions. A lower priced version for the casual sim pilot and a more complete version for a little more.

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It is an objectively sad statement that you are more excited for the release of a patch, than the game.

To offer an analogy: This new Intel CPU is fantastic, but gosh I’m honestly really more excited for the Meltdown/Spectre microcode patch!

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Well, to be fair, many of us are still waiting to enjoy this game at all. I for one have gotten bored with five minutes of flying at a time before the game crashes or the mouse stops interacting with the cockpit (and yes, I’ve tried every solution out there - none of them work).

For me, this patch feels more like an actual release day.


I would not expect too much, even the potential release notes seems nice.
It’s just not enough time for devs for so much to work on. Even considering they could have been working/fixing things weeks before release.
Not expecting reaching a minimal stable state before December at least.


Yeah, the first few patches after a major release are always the ones that get rid of the worst bugs and let us settle into better game play.

I might put in a bug report about their patch language though. Given the first patch and this one, if they say “preparing for release which will be in the next 10 days” it appears to mean “in 10 days” . Most software houses know not to use language like that. Well, the ones I’ve worked in and whose forums I frequent anyway. Don’t get peoples hopes up for no reason.

I too am very excited. However, life has taught me that, more often than not, the more excited beforehand, the more likely to be dissappointed after! Hope not this time! Cheers.


yeah and I like the way the dev (wing42 they are called or something like that) is going at it, with two different versions priced differently, one less complex and the other (which will come later) more advanced.

As long as live weather and winds are completely fixed and accurately depict the METARs, then I will be thrilled.

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This is soooo true. It’s one of the conundrums of software…unfortunately. Kinda like a marriage - when it works it’s great - but if it doesn’t, look out.

I really think they’ll be able to get a good handle on this.

Weather for me seems to be a hit or miss type of deal. The last several flights the weather actually matched the ATIS and for any points beyond the departure I use the Windy app on the iPad which works out great. Other times it’s always sunny and clear blue skies regardless of what it is supposed to be IRL. But again, last several flights it’s been spot on. Lucky I guess.

I don’t know if they’d ever come out with something like FSS weather enroute and destination, sort of a “one stop shop” I kinda thing. I doubt it with all the PDA’s out there now in every shape and form with tons of info and graphics available in seconds.

The clouds maybe, but winds are equally important, and I haven’t found live winds to be accurate anywhere on the ground, and only over Europe in the sky.