I think the most wanted thing should be DLSS and DX12. Nothing else. You can't enjoy your frame-eating airliner or helicopter or VR if you don't have at least 40 fps or similar

Stop talking nonsense.

what do you mean? we have 30 fps in this sim and with vr in 4k it is 15 fps. are you joking

well 6700k 4.5 5700xt 32 ram and on the 320 cockpit in new york 23 25 fps and the GPU usage is lower, on the alpha got over 30 everywhere easily with higher settings, and I change low medium or high the difference is just 4 fps

Are you playing on a toaster or something?

Ah yes, you are the one playing a 2070 oh ‘high’ and expecting to get 40-50 fps :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

However, your hoppo ancientbear claims he IS getting 40-50 on ‘high’ - so one of you is lying, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

I just bought and installed new components yesterday. MSI mobo, 10400, and a 2070 super. Went from running 30fps on stock High-End, to running 30fps on stock Ultra. Arrived at Reagan just now. Parked, Entered drone. Went straight up and looked Pentagon. On stock Ultra, 32fps. On stock High-End, 28fps. Really not much of any difference. Perf Monitor showed 50% gpu usage, 42% cpu usage. But even going down to stock Low didnt change the fps. That 42% cpu usage, was basically maxed because they were prob only using one or two cores. That is the bottleneck.

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exactly, as mentioned in the video link I posted. Nice rig btw.

ITS NOT ENOUGH for airliners in a big city in airport in 4k for VR.

Where did I say anything about 4K or VR? I’ll wait.

not even in full hd in airliner in a city in airport you cant have nice smooth fps. 25 fps is just toxic

DLSS please !!!

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I too think DLSS would be a good thing. Furthermore I think it would suite the algorithms pretty well since the action is pretty slow. (I’m guessing it’d help). I don’t know how dlss works with VR and Asynchronous timewarp but a guestimation here again would be that it should not be a problem. Is DLSS a DX12 only feature, or is it done on the card regardless of DX-version? It’s only for RTX cards right?


DX12 would allow multiple GPUs even without the need for NV-LINK, I believe. I’m pretty sure you can even have two completely different brands of video cards in the system. That might just be what this sim needs to get the FPS to manageable levels for everyone.

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No, that’s not true. High end was even recommended for my i7-6700 / GTX 1070 / 3440x1440p monitor, and I get 30+ frames.

yes. low fps as i said

30+ FPS for any flight simulator, let alone this one, is great. Not sure what standard you’re basing this on.

What matters the most is consistency in frame rate. Smooth 30 FPS is better than choppiness between 30 and 60 FPS.

not sure what standard you are basing it on. oh wait. i know. compared to other sims. in short, a very bad comparison. you don’t know if the other sims are the best of the best sims one can make.
ok lets stop with the ■■■■■■■■.
and no. they ain’t the best of best sims.

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