I think we need something like XPrealistic or effect immersions on MSFS

Am i the only one who miss the feeling of a realistic head shake on landing? something that makes you recognize that it was a firm landing or that u almost broke the plane? effects like the ones from XPrealistic or Chaseplane, what about some cool visual effects like the Aerosoft/Pmdg/Qw plane immersion series? saint elmo’s fire, wing vortex etc…? btw a proper head shake i think it’s something a lot are asking or are willing to ask.
here are some examples:


No you’re not the only one.

I also think it’s all way too static. When I look at real footage of cockpits or add my own experience as a passenger… it just doesn’t ‘feel’ real.


Well the good news is… FSRealistic

Yes, but that’s been ‘coming soon’ since last year…

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A2a AccuFeel is needed.

I don’t fully understand why PMDG didn’t do a little bit more with their DC-6. It knows how to shake. But when in turbulence it’s the same dead silent cockpit as any other plane.

I agree, this is really needed, please put it in the wishlist category so we can vote. I think there is an already existing one.

This is not my idea but I read it in Avsim by Bobcat. I hope I’m doing anything wrong posting it here. Anyway, you can try increasing the settings and see what you think…make backups.

" in the MSFS folder that contains the user config file, I also found a file called FlightSimulator.CFG

Inside there, towards the bottom, was this section…


I simply doubled the first 5 settings in the dynamic head movement section (in green) and I left the last three unchanged (in red) as they might not have a good effect if you read the labels.

For particle related effects, MSFS is launching the particle effects SDK in the July 27 update, which developers can use to make effects such as haze, engine smoke, chimney smokes, sandstorms etc.


Can I have this now please!

It’s an effect I’ve been waiting for since the launch. Come on, let’s get it out of course.

done. it would be cool to make people vote this i think it’s really needed.

Nice ! Did you try it?

I did try it and I believe it really made the plane more alive. It could be a placebo effect but I don’t think so. I could really increase the numbers a lot and see what happens to verify it’s effect. Hmmm maybe I will. It’s a slight pain as you have to restart MSFS each time. And maybe make the file read only each time.

Actually MSFS did have realistic head movement at launch a year ago, but that was soon terminated after complaints on this forum by quite a few people that felt it was too much and “unnatural”.

Apparently the only way to keep everyone happy is by incorporating either a slider or on off button.

It is sorely missed!

i cant remember it really… i was even a a beta tester btw its a shame ahaha

That would be great but you are still sitting there not feeling anything :wink:

Well of course there are limits. Unless you start bumping the chair you’re in… seen that too… :slight_smile:

But with sounds and a bit of shaking and rattling it can at least feel more alive. Let’s say I’m convinced the total experience can be made more exiting than it currently is.

In the end it’s all ‘make believe’… but we do want to get closer to the real thing.

I’ll give those head parameters a try later on.

I don’t know how far the SDK takes this, but it would be cool if objects had some shake frequency assigned… or some parameters how far they stretch, bend or twist.

I guess that’s taking it a bit too far… but then a cockpit chair would move differently and independently of say the gauges panel. I think that’s what I feel is lacking the most. It’s all like it’s set in concrete. If a cockpit shakes due to turbulence, things must rattle independently. They had this great story about how turbulence would work on like a gazillion different spots on the airframe… would be fantastic and a first… well… fine… I just don’t notice any of it.

AccuFeel and XPRealistic were my most important addons for FSX/P3D/XP. So, I was really happy when I got an e-mail by FSRealistic that they would come to msfs. But this was month ago and since then there was no information published anymore. Could be a bad or good sign…

Did A2A confirm AccuFeel is coming to msfs?

Really hope anything will happen soon - I really miss the effects it makes the sim so much more immersive. I would also hope something like the Reality Expansion Pack by SimCoders would come.