I thought my CTD problems had stemmed from MSFS update 5, but I am now clear that I was wrong

I have been suffering from MSFS202O & system crashes whilst MSFS has been loading up for the past couple of weeks.
I have tried everything, removed contents of community folder, reloaded MFSFS etc, etc, but also noticed that when returning to XP11 in the meantime, the same problem occurred as XP11 loaded up aswell.
Although my pc works without any problems otherwise, I read the odd comment that it could be the PSU.
My pc has been powered by a Corsair CX750 sufficient to support my recently acquired RTX 3080ti but I noted that the PSU is now almost 7 years old.
I have today replaced the PSU with a new Corsair RM850x, which immediately resulted in both MSFS 2020 and XP11 now working flawlessly again. Admittedly I had thought that the CTD problems had stemmed from the recent MSFS update 5, but now it is clear that I was wrong.
I would recommend that anybody suffering from a similar CTD problem should consider whether the PSU might be the cause.


What cpu do you have? If it’s intel something like 11990k, overclocked…well yeah it could go up over 200W and 300W under extreme load but not in gaming, gpu another 400W and of course as flight simmer a lot of peripherals which do not consume much but when you add 5-10W then another 10W for 8 peripherals then 5 hdd’s for xplane’s ortho lol Yeah that’s plausible.

Always stress test your PC if you’re having ctd’s. Run benchmarks, some light ones like 3D mark for general testing, then prime95 to load up ram and cpu to the max, furmark for gpu.

Yeah MSFS used to be so CPU bottlenecked before SU5 that even with a 400W GPU, only like 30% of that power is utilized which resulted in a 120W usage scenario where a theoretically inadequate 500W PSU may have seemed fine.

Now after SU5, the GPU usage has gone up quite a lot and now everything is getting properly used (or stressed as they should be)

I found that all my freezing and CTD were from some sort of outside source… either things from the marketplace, community folder… and even more interesting, my Logitech flight panels. The Logitech plugin needs an update and has very rare but random crashes, I discovered. So even some hardware that seems to work is not necessarily playing nicely with SU5.
I’m glad you found your problem with you PSU. I recommend everyone have a very thorough and hard look at their rigs, software, hardware, everything… just to make sure something is not playing nicely together.

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What’s funny is that I went from the RM850x to an EVGA 1200 P2 to try to solve similar issues many months ago. Definitely seems to have helped. If I remember correctly, it was the 12v rail to the 3080 on the 850 which had some bad spikes when I checked it with my scope. The 1200 is better but still has spikes under load, but just not as bad.

Headroom is usually a good thing. As an engineer, I typically go big for a prototype or one-off, like my flight sim rig. If you have to make 10,000 of them, you find the minimum acceptable. I only want one. :slight_smile:

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We have told others to check and test their systems but they become defensive and agitated that no way it’s their system or 3rd party software, peripherals, etc. any CTD’s I experienced over the course of a year (which is minimal) was due to 3rd party items. :man_shrugging:t2:

Glad you figured out your issue and finally enjoying the sim!


SU5’s scenery loading varies CPU load quite a lot, which can be taxing on a marginal PSU. Turning off C-states for my CPU, even at stock speed, improved system stability and reduced CTDs significantly, without having to resort to changing out my power supply (Gigabyte 750W Gold).

Just because your Power supply has a label on it, saying that its a 1200W supply, means it was a 1200W Power supply when it was NEW.


The high value Electrolytic capacitors in them have a limited lifetime, ( often as little as 2 years) before they start to deteriorate more rapidly, and your voltages become unstable under load = CTDs (Guaranteed)

While there are ways to LOAD TEST your supply, to do it accurately requires equipment most do not have.

The TEST most experience is when they start to get random CTDs !!

Just because it looks clean and shiny on the outside, does not necessarily mean all is good inside !!


Agreed! All the more reason to have headroom when it’s new.


Like most things in life – “You get what you pay for”


Yeah, nothing about building a new monster PC for a demanding application is cheap, if done well.

I’m still amazed that I was able to get my PC components and cockpit hardware purchases past the minister of finance. Maybe she thought that it will keep him busy during COVID?? :wink:

I’d be more concerned how the Minister of Finance gets her “Purchases” past you !!!

What is good for the Goose, is good for the Gander :+1:


I think you’re onto something there

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Totally agree, that’s why I bought a 1600W one. I’m not likely to exceed that any time soon.

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Dust can also cause ctds. Dust on the cpu fan, heat sinks etc. An easy cure to ctd problems.

Hello strangers
I hope this is a good place to tell u all about my problem.
I didnt really play MFS2020 for like a month and about a week ago i tried to start it up again but it crashed right after the searching for updates screen. I just see the loading symbol and after that i can usually see the loading bar at the bottom for a few seconds. It starts in the center and moves just a bit before it sends me back to my desktop. The background music also stops after a few seconds. I have tried all the tips and also completly reinstalled windows but the game keeps on crashing.

My system has got the following specs
Ryzen 5 3600x
GTX 1080
16gb DDR4 ram
1tb m.2 nvme drive
1tb hdd
PSU: Coolermaster Thunder 700W

The PSU is about 7 years old.

If you have any ideas on how to fix this I would be very grateful

I am in the exact same boat as you. I haven’t played it in a few weeks because of the annoyances with the last update but decided to try and play today.

I get the exact same crash as you. Checked for updates, then that is complete and I hear the music and see the load bar. It moves very slightly for a few seconds and then the sound cuts out and crashes to desktop.

I have not changed anything. I have been away a few days and my system has been off.

So I’m not the only one. Same here after the vacation…
Updates, load screen CTD


My workaround is as the check for updates screen starts, I turn my system to airplane mode and cut internet connection. Everything then loads as normal. Once I get to my main screen, I reconnect to the internet.