I thought this sim had seasons?

Why are the trees in and around Atlanta still bright green in the middle of winter?

No, no seasons as yet.
They are planned though.


Oh ok, I honestly didn’t even realize that. Appreciate the clarification!

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The sim got summer and “winter” basically if there is snow. Real seasons are scheduled for this year.

Jörg Neumann said it will basically come together with biomes as seasons won’t make much of a sense without that.


I really, really recommend BIJAN HABASHI’s - 4 SEASON PACK (on simMarket). This mod is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It covers the world and he and his group are constantly updating and refining it.


I’ve used Bijan for awhile and still use some of their products. Recently switched to REXAccuSeasons and am enjoying it. It has some features Bijan doesn’t but there is a new release coming for Bijan which will include them.

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