I tried the Asobo to MS Achievement, my first long flight. Sadly, the game crashed 25 miles before I landed

Wanted that achievement for flying directly from Asobo HQ in France to MS HQ in Seattle.

Man, I flew for over 10 hours with unlimited fuel on the Citation.

Was really interesting (lots of AP, obviously).
On approach, game crashed.

Not gonna try such long flights again.

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I fully understand your disappointment - really the climax of the whole flight is to land successfully, and getting 90% of the way without being allowed to finish is a real downer. Although I haven’t tried as long a flight as this, I have had some hour-long flights fail near the conclusion due to problems with the sim, and felt extremely frustrated as a consequence.

And I feel equally annoyed that Asobo/MS seem more interested in boasting about their POIs (which most people might see once, and never bother again), rather than sort out the basic, inherent problems still existing in the sim and affecting so many simmers.


I tried that achievement twice, with the B747, and each time it crashed in some sort : 1st time, just like you, CTD after a long pond crossing, 2nd time, the 747’s engines, batteries lights etc went all dark in the middle of the Pond…

I’ll do that when MSFS is finally in version 1.0 REAL (we’re still in early access mode, and Ms should have that written on the title in RED)… But you know how it’s not lying if you don’ tell the truth in the hype market…


My advise is, do a short flight Outbound Asobo HQ to a nearby airport.
Then do another short flight Inbound to the MS HQ. Make sure both flights are stable.

If you’re getting crashes there, at least you know something wrong is definitely happening.

I haven’t had crashes to desktop in a very long time. And I’ve been doing 7-hour long haul flights in the A320 without unlimited fuel and they’re generally stable for me.

But then again, I do turn off every UI on my settings. No POI marker, no HUD, no Air Traffic Nameplates. If the UI items are what’s causing the errors, maybe turning them off like I do is what makes it stable on my end. But this is merely my uneducated theory.

I got this achievement on the 787 by leaving it overnight.


I stopped trying that…very disappointing! :roll_eyes:

Turn anything off you dont need for that. Bing data, community stuff. You dont need that at FL410. Ingame flight planner, stable aircraft. I used the longitude with some cheating through inflight refuel :wink:.

My 787 attempt failed because I didnt know about the VR locked controls workaround this time.
I lost the aircraft also after more than 9h realtime in VR a few miles before the runway because I have no flaps, no airbrakes, no speed intervention, nothing, just throttle and steering. No chance.

You flew the entire 9h realtime in VR? Whew… I envy your dedication… lol…

The only time I’m willing to do long haul flights like this is at night, where I can do take off and let it cruise then I leave it to fly while I go to bed. So that when I wake up the next morning, it would be in time for approach and landing.


Ohh man really sorry to hear that! When it Happens to me it is just like a smack in my face without i have done something wrong :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Especially when having heavy headwind and full cloud covering from mid greenland all over canada. But I want myself to feel like a real airliner pilot once :wink:.

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I don’t know what’s worse … the game crashing or what I did which was crash on trying to land after flying all that way… :frowning:

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Let’s be fair,

performance issues and stability is pretty high up the list.
Ongoing development of new features is not going to grind to a halt while the programmers sift through the millions of lines of code looking for random failures that do not affect all users. A needle in a haystack requires a strong magnet. Finding a horse hair in a haystack, well…

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That’s the problem for Asobo. I was flying a trip from EDDF to RJFF with the megapack A330 with all the bells and whistles, GB’s of mods, spotify running in the background and streamed the whole thing on twitch. I had no crash and everything went smooth. Than there are other people who are getting CTD’s after a couple of hours.

Now the whole thing becomes a puzzle for Asobo.

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From the 17th Dec 2020:

From 30th October 2020:

From 24th September 2020:

The votes are going up, and the priority has changed, but obviously still not fixed for everyone.

tbh, I rarely suffer from CTD. I get other stupid things ( for example There's a definite bug in the "Reactivity" setting, causing elevator problems) which have caused me to crash (the plane, not the sim). I’ve found the cause of some of my problems or found a workaround for myself, but until Asobo actually fix the basic sim many people will suffer. As the saying (almost) goes: “So many things wrong, so little time to solve them”!

You are right about Early Access.
I mean, the alternative would be not have MSFS available until it’s truly fnished and polished technically, so I am okay with the Game being released even in its current state.

I beat the achievement, btw. I just used a teleport addon. Felt the right thing to do.

Not gonna try long hauls again in this sim. If I stick to short VFR Bushtrips, I kind of steer away from many possible issues for now.

Here we are again. 15 years after FSXs OOM errors.

OOM errors redux, now with prettier graphics :rofl:

THAT, I believe is the problem. Everyone is not experiencing the problem. It would be grand if no-one could complete a flight. Best case would be everybody CTD on every flight. In that case the team could quickly reproduce the error in the lab and eradicate it. Sadly there are millions of users that either are not experiencing the crash or it is so seldom that it does not interfere with their enjoyment to the point they feel the need to report it.

I know the numbers are ambiguous at best, but a few thousand users CTD at mostly random times and places, some at the menu screen, some on the runway, some while using mods, some without, some using high end, complicated control systems and others using keyboard only. There are even CTD that are caused by overclocking and system instability or bad configurations. I could keep throwing variables but simply put, I believe it will be years, if ever, before we see the last CTD post.

Yup, I agree. I really don’t have too many problems. And the problem I did have was on my end with updates to windows version 20H2, that I couldn’t get to complete. Which I have finally remedied. Knock on wood, but no glitches or hitches. Frame rates 50-70 depending where I am with a RTX 2080S. Graphics set to High end with some moving up to the Ultra realm. Live traffic on, Multiplayer on, Live weather…

I think I must add this :slight_smile:
This was only my third CTD ever in MSFS.

The first two came after I installed an aircraft Mod from a freeware website.
The third now was this and also it was not really a CTD, just I had the error message and MSFS did not respond anymore and and was not clickable.
The performance in the two hours before that was already very bad, very low FPS.

I don’t know all that much about IT and coding and so on, I think just with the many hours of flight, some data became too much or something deteriorated.

It was just very sad, as I would have liked to get that achievement the way I had planned.

Apart from stuttering and low FPS, the game usually runs stable (meaning it is not crashing) on my side. I stick to only a handful of things in my community folder as I don’t really need many mods. And mostly do short bushflying stints. Maybe that is why.

I think some people around here will again roast me for saying this, but your simulator ran out of memory. The degrading performance and the error message are hallmarks of that. If you are usually not using mods and only fly short amounts of time over short distances you might usually not be experiencing this.

Try to fly over Seattle for at least 30-60 minutes in any plane and check if it happens again.

Early Access in the title wouldn’t mean any more delays btw :wink: It is more a question of honesty about the real state of the sim, not measured by the hype-meter, which will never have its mathematical formula :innocent:

I am not talking of delaying the sim “to get it finished” cause obviously, according to Asobo, it will take at least two more years…

Also, “It woked for me” isn’t a great help to those who are experiencing problems… Just saying ! But it is good to know that the problem isn’t systemic hopefully !