I upgraded to Premium Deluxe ...Now What?

I upgraded to Premium Deluxe and got a refund for The Premium version.

But How do I install the Premium Deluxe and uninstall the Oremium?

Any suggestions

goto microsoft store
and install ?
not working ?
be shure, that you are logged in to MSFS with the same account ( same as microsoft Store )

No when I go to the MS Store (with the same credentials as when I bought the Premium Deluxe), it does not give me an option to install.
I just gives me a “Play” button and that starts my current installation.

I am afraid that I have to uninstall that and go through the 912Gb PITA :rage:.

So my next question is How do I uninstall it?

PS I hate MS…everything is complicated and requires enormous patience!

Fairly certain mine installed automatically. Keep in mind that you didn’t buy a new game, you bought an add-on for the existing game. If you can’t find the premium deluxe content in game, go to the Packages menu in game - I think you can get there from the Marketplace section, but I could be wrong. It’s somewhere in the main menu, though.

From there, you can see if the add-one have been credited to your account, as well as if they are installed. If you can see them, but they aren’t installed, it should let you do that in the menu.

They’re just DLC. The base game doesn’t change. Check your Content Manager for packages to install.

Thank you :blush:

As you said - it was in the Content Manager and it was a piece of cake to update! PHEW :sweat_smile:

But why MSFS doesn’t tell you this is a big question.

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