I want to be able to rollback an update and to choose if I want to make the update

Hello everyone!

I was excited with this simulator until the latest 2 patches. 1.8.3 and 1.9.3.
Both updates were buggy and create serious problems that make the sim almost unplayable.
I keep my sim closed for a week now.

So, I would appreciate the ability to choose if I want to make an update or not. I would like the ability to postpone the update or to totally refuse it. It is very annoying that a game forces me to make the update, to download a large amount of data before I can fly again and finally gives me a faulty product!!! Yes, it is very very annoying!

Furthermore, I want to have the ability to make a rollback. I am not satisfied with this version. I want to fly with a previous version. I want to have that option because I purchased for a playable “game”.
In my Windows 10 OS I have that option and helped me a lot in many situations.

I understand that your efforts are great and thank you for that great product! But I hope the WOW face I had at the beginning will return soon!


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