I want to learn how to fly an Airliner from cold-start to full stop, but in VR

Hi guys, I know there are a lot of “tutorials” on youtube on how to operate certain airliners, and I probably have to re-watch them (been a few years since I successfully got a PMDG 737-800 up in the air)… I need to learn all procedures over again, fuel calculation, tower communication and all of that. But there are so many “half-assed” tutorials out there where you spend 10-15 minutes thinking it will give you something back, but in the end didn’t yield any fruit. Often they skip important parts etc etc…

What held me back prior to now (in X-Plane 11 and FSX/P3D) was the fact that even with good VR implemtation on both of them (Flyinside) it was really cumbersome to watch Youtube lessons at the same time as I tried to bring in a virtual checklist and just navigating all of the tools needed… “Why not learn it on a monitor, and then switch to VR?” some may ask. I don’t have any monitors on my rig, and I don’t have the space for it. I only have room for VR on that tiny corner where my rig is located.

With the popularity that MSFS 2020 has gained the past year, and how good the VR support already is, I’m thinking that there must be a good “airliner tutorial for VR” somewhere… Any tips? Favourite Youtuber for this kind of thing?

TLDR: Any thorough lessons out there? Preferably lessons from a VR user.

Well I must say right off the bat there is no difference between a non VR tutorial and a VR tutorial in the aspect of learning the plane itself the knowladge is still the same instead I believe that you should try taking it slow learn a few things master them, repeat and eventually you’ll be able to do it all on your own .

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I could probably have phrased myself a little better. I want to find out if there is an easy way to operate all of these things within VR… For example can I bring the checklist in front of me in VR? In PDF format for example? Are there other handy VR-tools I should be aware of?
Seeing that in VR is the only place I can learn these things because of my restricted space and lack of monitors…

In any case, I want a good tutorial wether it’s in VR or not :slight_smile:

There are a few “kneeboard” options that have things like PDF viewer or scratchpad etc. See here (for example, I’m sure there are other threads/products):

So your PC’s only display interface is via your VR headset? Like you need to use the VR for browsing websites, typing word documents, and play non-VR games?

I think whether it is VR or not, the lessons should be the same. The only difference is probably about the tutorials about setting up and configuring the VR and its calibration. But in terms of learning and operating the aircraft, it should be the same regardless.

So maybe you can spare some time learning the operational side of the aircraft separately, take some notes (or mental notes), and understand why and how to do them. Then when you fire up the rig and wear the headset. You would have learned what to do and just do them.

@Neo4316 Yep I’ve tried to do that, but I find tutorials that are in my opinion sub-par… Maybe I just dont feel the connection with the instructor or he explain things in a way I don’t understand… I want to find a youtube lesson with same quality as Squirrel for ETS2. He explain things in a way I understand it.

Regarding my rig, in order to have space for my PC, a table and a screen, I had to put my rig on the side… I could put one small screen directly in front, but I struggle with vision so I would need bigger one… I’m setting pretty far behind on the chair in order to reach the rudder pedals and sticks… And seeing that it’s pretty close to the wall, it’ll be difficult. Here’s a picture of it: VR Flightsim and Simracing fused together to a D-Box Motion Platform - Album on Imgur

You can use OVR Toolkits. It is able to bring desktop in VR session. You can bring whatever windows applications inside i.e chrome, office, youtube…
I am currently learning youtube tutorial while flying DCS F14 tomcat.
The only downside is that you must use steamVR.
OVR Toolkits can be purchased on steam for $19

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Hey, not a bad idea! I actually have that application and I’ve forgotten all about it!

But also, if you guys have any good YT instructors to share with me on learning this, shoot :slight_smile:

It is a great tools… It never caused any problem… However your fps will drop 2-3fps

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