I want to love FS 2020 but I hate it

You are limited by main thread, no matter what system you have, as long as clock speeds don’t increase, which they have not for the last 5 years, you will not see an increase in performance.

I have the same issue you do, the solution is to either reduce the objects rendering distance or to reduce the resolution.

Otherwise you can wait until the release of the xbox version, which should bring DX12 to PC and that should improve things.

This game is not running on decade old code base. Your statement is completely false.


Some realistic expectation is the key to success. This sim was not released by the developers with any intention for users to run at 4K and every single setting cranked up to Ultra. In fact no sim I have bought has ever been behind the hardware curve in terms of performance, its always the other way around and hardware has catching up to do to enable the sim to run smoothly at max settings.

When I tune a sim I switch on a frame rate counter (developer mode in FS), start low and work up until the frame rate is around 35FPS in London or New York and then I have got about as much performance out of the sim that my hardware is currently capable of delivering. That is what the OP should be doing in my opinion.

Why do we have to wait for Xbox release to have the sim DirectX 12 enabled ? Most of the current PC gaming already have it.

So true ! I haven’t a clue why there are so many spreading this fallacy.

Because it is not yet finished, once it is finished being developed you will be able to use it.

So Xbox version must be released as finished but they just don’t care if the pc version is still a beta or a complete alpha before releasing it.

That simply makes us the pc simmers a paying beta tester.

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These comments are all messed up :slight_smile: If Asobo had limited the sliders to 50% the game would still look amazing and people could max out settings on high end be none the wiser.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has never done that in it’s history and I wouldn’t expect Asobo to change that now, well not the PC version anyway :wink:

This game is so not ready for Xbox lol. It wouldn’t make it past the main menu.

as others have stated, the new XBox series X is probably faster than the PC’s 60-80% of the current players are running.

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Yes this could be true but until there is actual proof of basis this can run it sure!

The game is broken, but that is not what is causing low performance. The game is in its early stages of life, it needs a lot of optimizations, everywhere. It will take time, a lot of time.

Here are my FPS results for JFK landing challenge using FRAPS.

4K 100% render scaling
Ultra Settings
10900k @ 5,1
RTX3090 w/ light OC
32GB mem @ 3733mhz
2GB Firecuda 520 NVME
Asus ROG Strix Gaming-F Mobo
Traffic Off but multiplayer on
Airport worker, objects etc at 1
Cars, boats train etc slider at 20



Looks good

Yes, that is correct

1440p is 2.3x less pixels than 4k so I would expect running on 4k you would be running over 2x lower fps?

It would depend on how much of the hardware resources he is using at 2K that would determine what the fr drop would be at 4K, its not necessarily a linear fall off.

Indeed, but it is far easier on the gpu to push out 2k pixels than 4k pixels at 60fps, thats not rocket science :grin:
But I will test later at 2560x1440, 3440x1440 and 5120x1440 and see what differences, my 49" is just below 4k but not much so will be interesting to see what difference Res makes on the fps in this sim :+1:

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I stand corrected, just tested at 5120x1440, 3440x1440 and 2560x1440 and on my sys the difference between the top and bottom Res was only +30% fps, the bottom Res only had 22% less gpu utilisation, I guess this sim needs DX12 and DLSS and just better utilisation for cpu and gpu alike :+1:

Is FS compatible with ray-trace?