I want to reduce intrusive elements of POIs

Hello. I want to know if it is possible to remove the dot, vertical line and icon when using POI (when I say POI, I mean POI, cities, airports, etc). The only thing I need is the name of the POI, and everything else is very intrusive in my screen. I also want to know if there is any way to reduce the distance that the POI is shown, to avoid so many POIs at the same time showing up.
Right now I am forced to disable POI because the intrusive elements are so unbearable. Thanks.

In assistance options you can turn it off.
If you want to to turn off nameplates it’s in general / trafic options

Yes, thanks, I know how to turn off elements. But what I was asking for is to turn off only icons, lines and dots (not names). Names are the only thing that it is importat, and other elements only disturb.

I neither can see any way to reduce the distance shown, and in some places there are too much information. I can not also turn off/on in the fly with a toggle key (that is totally a must).

I really don’t understand how is possible that such a great simulator with so many keys to attach to lots of things that I never use, do not let me toggle these things with different keys. It seems to be a very easy thing to implement. I really can not believe that devs are not aware of this absurd limitation…, so I don’t understand why still present. I can guess, but I prefer not to.

Guess… come on, I want to know your guess.

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This may help - UI mods and tweaks (full pack) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

If not, their source is published to give you a starting place to further modify the markers

I have tried that mod. It is a good idea, but unfortunately it does not hide what is the most important intrusive things, it only hides names. But I think this is not something that a mod should do, but the game itself. This mod is not doing the importnat thing, and even if it did it…, mods like this one stop working suddenly with any update.

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