I want to simulate a failure that I don't know is coming

The failures section…is all well and good but you must choose the failure in advance, all you can do is give it a random time to fail and you already know exactly what is going to fail…which kinda takes the excitement outta things.

Can we have a random failures option where we don’t even know if a failure will occur? ie, like real life.


I wish failures would be a consequence of bad flying instead of random failures.

Maybe an addon that will add realistic failures and some sorts of crash models (maybe not the plane exploding, but better fire/smoke and emergency landing with evacuation).


I would like to see a random system too. The current system is a bit confusing to me.

Why is there an “Enable Failure” and “Armed” setting in that failures menu?

What does it do if i set “Enable Failure” to on and “Armed” to off? Is it then in some kind of random mode? Very confusing to me, even more so in the German translation.


The failure system is one of the greatest letdowns of this game. I was really hoping FSPassangers would do an update for MSFS2020. It had a random failure mode that included failures that weren’t included in stock.


Random failure would be welcome. So people can’t go to the toilet or so or read a book, but stay on their toes all time, by checking all the stuff once a while. :smiley:

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Yes. And it doesn’t need to come into play every other flight, but like in real life.

Also, random switch settings, when jumping into cold cockpits. It would make the checklist more exciting, if everything wasn’t as expected.

probably just wait for good 3rd party aircraft… fslabs has a fantastic random failure system… pmdg can do failures that occur as often as the actual aircraft would experience them so its not truly random but based on the real world service life and maintenance…

when pmdg’s global flight ops is released, not only will you find that, but it will be because someone else actually used the plane before you and you take it in the state they left it. not just random.

Wow, that sounds awesome. Will get me that PMDG if the framerates are ok.

This is one thing that I LOVED about X-Plane… deploy your flaps at too high of a speed and they are now broken and you have to land without them.

Haven’t bothered with failures in FSX / P3D or this… for the above reasons - you know what will fail and have a pretty good idea when.

  • that and FSX had the ticker tape of the failure on the screen - which sorta defeats the purpose of scanning instruments and trying to troubleshoot what may or may not be wrong

FSpassengers for FSX didn’t use the ticker tape. You could get slow oil temp rises, electrical shorts, jammed flaps, gear not extending fully, burst tyres on landing…all kinds of stuff.

I imagine turning failures on but not arming them creates a random failure chance.

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It’d be nice to have a PDF manual that clarifies that. And there not enough things to fail anyway…no jammed flaps, no gear issues, no electrical faults, no birdstrikes, no tyres bursting on landing cos someone didn’t inflate it to the correct pressure…

FSPassengers did all that. I miss FSPassengers.

I think the only way to set failures to random is to arm them and set the timeframe between 0 and 9999 minutes. That way it will very rarely fail in the 30 / 60 / 120 minutes of flight, but the longer you fly the higher the chance you’ll run into one.

Good idea. What I’m still wondering is why there is an enable and arm function - usually that could be one thing. So what does “just” enabling do?

Do devs read here in the forum as well or only at the Zendesk?

Tested this this morning,

It does not, it just caused an immediate failure on the runway.

It appears that asside from being able to trigger failures with the from and too time, that the game does not simulate failures at all. It isn’t possible for me to overspeed my flaps or gear, I can 100% a turboprop for hours without consequence.

Thats a shame. Does “ARM” with “0” make it totally random maybe?

I tried this too, It also just causes it to fail immediately.

I wouldn’t mind the random failure between the two times, if it were also posible to cause a failure through incorect use of the aircraft.

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■■■■ :frowning:

Failure through incorrect operation should have been in from start imo.

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Completely agree. If it isn’t possible for me to fly the aircraft incorrectly, I might as well be in slew mode.