I was a Beta Tester, - how do I claim the Test Pilot liveries?

As the title says, I can’t find it anywhere - not in the market store or by the liveries itself. How do we claim this?

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Have you checked your content manager as well? They should automatically pop up in there

Similarly, there is nothing in the content manager

@KBA3uM0PDA Mine appeared in my liveries after the update. It is a black and blue flight sim livery

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Strangely, I cannot create a new topic in this forum? Anyone else have this who was in beta?

They are in the Market Place for free. Once you install them from the Market Place, you go to your Hangar to apply the new skin’s onto your aircraft.

Yep, it wasn’t there. The Aviator Pilot liveries are there though but not the Test liveries.

Same here. I don’t see them in the marketplace.

@Zezztah and @NacioNeto, you are correct. Sorry I didn’t catch that there was a special livery for tester’s. I was a VR beta tester and I didn’t see anything special. Only the Microsoft Flight Simulator livery.

I think these liveries were only identified for the prerelease alpha/beta testers.

I was a pre-release alpha tester and I don’t see the liveries either in the content manager or the marketplace :sweat_smile:

Me neither… hmmm

Mine are all there… mind you I didn’t even notice until after I did a reinstall last week :grinning:


Don’t mind. They are ugly anyway.