I was expecting a little bit more than this

OK, don’t be alarmed about visual quality. It is great!
As I am not a pilot I can’t comment about flight dynamics and etc. either.
What I am trying to say / complaining about is the configuration.
If I must exclude XP from my simming experience (since FS 4.0), almost all sims including the P3D are almost the same when it comes to configuration.
I almost think, some of the developers came with a bright idea and said “let’s change everything so that we can make it hard for the old simmers.”.
It took me 2 videos when I finally manage to set 2 joystick buttons for trim without binding those buttons.
As the saying goes, if it is working do not fix it. It was indeed working.
Arslan Türegün

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This isn’t P3D or XP11. This is new, things will change. You will have new learning curves.



Ok! Lets talk about learning curves. With an airplane that do not make a straight flight? Shaking like a wash machine. No wind, and the airplane (all of them) star rolling pitching down and up ... The worst experience I got in FSs ever. I think I have lost money.

Sounds like you don’t know how to trim an aircraft. In the alpha, yeah it was bad. But I’ve down a few flights in the A320 and can keep level flight no issue. Same with most GA, although some can be more difficult to control… As they should.

Maybe try Infinitflight on iOS and Android.

Of course it is something new. But “NEW” does not mean everything that people are used to has to be changed.
Someone should have said to the developers this.
If you need old ones to use this sim improve it while keeping the settings structure the same. As the newcomers would need to learn it obviously, it is not important if they are learning the new settings method or the old one.

To answer the trimming issue if it was for me. I know how to trim but you seem biased (or don’t like to read). I said I have struggled configuring 2 buttons for the trim settings not trimming the a/c.
If that wasn’t for me disregard it :slight_smile:

I will give you people a better example. In the non MSFS2020 simulators when you want to change a joystick button setting the program will ask you “this button is assigned to xxx control. Do you want to change it?”
None of them would ask you if you want to BIND the new setting while keeping the other one. I don’t think a sane person would want BRAKES and VIEW controlled by the same button.

Good mornig and thanks to reply my comment.
Im a very old simmer. Ive fly all, and when I mean all, I really mean all flight simulators that have been published. Never ever I had have so bad take offs and landings before. Even the fighters jets that has the FSX. So... I do not buy (and pay a lot of may brazilian money) to fly airliners. I do like the anflyable C208. The Skylane. Baron, and others GAs.
But anyone of these are flyable even in the most complete idiot setup…
And lets talk about ils landings… No maps like FSX where you can get all the frequencies and choose the aproachs.
I got mine in the first hour of 08/18. Since then I try and I try… Really. I try hard to make at least one, a single one take off, navigate and land…
I`m very desapointed.
Very very very sorrow to spent my hard to get money.

The map is a little lacking as far as freqs and ILS info but I’m sure it will be changed at some point due to demand. I use Skyvector on a second monitor or iPad to get everything I need for flight planning since it’s more realistic. There are flight planner sites that will also give you an entire flight plan to include SIDS AND STARS. The flight plan and successful navigation is half the fun for me.


Ok Punisher1810!
Thats a nice nickname, man! Im an old (67 and half years old) and I fly using a keyboard. I do not swin in money but my rig is very enough to get the ultra graphics in the Premiun version of FS2020.
Ill try to do what you said. But for example, in the Seattle airport that I have the frequencies when I try to insert the bearing in the cursor of the nav1 the program insert a bearing that makes the airplane to land in the side of the runway. Do not seems to be right. Not to mention that I have susceed to take off on the roll and shake GA airplanes. What a heck. Smooth and calm wheather do not have any impact in any airplane I tryed to fly. And Ive tryed a lot since the momment I got the program.
The yoke and any other decent joystick are expensive in this Brasilian economics panoram. And, for example, a decent yoke is like three times my pension. Can you imagine that?
If I think to use my credit card my wife take off me… KKKK
Ill try to do what you said. Ill try to use the auxiliary screem to get the frequencies and if I suceed (sorry my lack of vocabulary) to take off Ill try again in Seattle that Im familiar with the scenary.
Thanks again for your atention to me.
From your new friend
Alfredo or OldFredinho