I will share an interesting post with you, although I think this is the wrong approach. But I cannot convince him

This is a technical post posted by an intern moderator named asirpan21 on the forum of bbs.chinaflier.com

Open the auxiliary window to increase FPS and reduce hardware usage. There are pictures and the truth…
First of all, let’s see that the FPS number without the auxiliary window is only 44FPS.

After opening 6 auxiliary windows (6 are all arranged in the same main window), it comes to 132FPS

Then let’s take a look at the performance in flight!

When you see this picture, some people will start to pretend that it is because this is not the cockpit, so the FPS must be high…
So what I want to tell you is… because I pulled the auxiliary window out of the collection window… So the FPS is higher again

It should be amazing to see this… don’t be surprised… because I pulled out all the centralized auxiliary windows to individually place the effect…

Look at the performance in the cabin…

There are pictures and the truth…Will you try it yourself…Don’t deny it without experiencing it yourself…
PS: Forgot to mention one important point…In this way, the consumption of the graphics card and processor of the game is greatly reduced…

it’s just a bug in the frame counter. It’s adding up the FPS from all the different windows.

edit; if it’s 6 extra windows open, it should be 7*44 = 308 FPS, so you’re actually losing performance by doing this.


Nvidia FPS counter is simply showing you fps of auxiliary windows

Sentences like these are always a red flag.


the chinese flag is indeed red :wink:


What this does tell us is that some people cannot tell the difference between 30fps, and 200fps, even with the evidence in front of their eyes, and all it takes is for a buggy readout to convince them of a performance improvement.


I’m going to create an overlay that says 260fps that way I’ll never need to worry aboyt the performance of the sim ever again.


This post is just … wow.

The biggest concerns in flightsim are FPS and Landing VS xD that‘s amusing

Yeah, it’s rather insane. The difference between 30 and 60 fps is just crazy, and 60 to 120 is also crazy (perhaps not in a flight sim though). How on earth can you have 30 fps and fool yourself into believing it’s >100?

But…but…but…it’s not April 1st?

Hey – give the OP a break … not everyone may be a Technically Savoy as you , or quick to put someone else down as some of you are !!

He though he had discovered something that would help everyone, and took the time to try to share it with everyone else.

OK, so he was Technically wrong, but why do so many feel the need to mock him, and act all Superior over him.


This is NOT the Flight Sim Community way to act towards each other !@!@


Not even that. I think he read this on that Chinese forum, thought the poster there was wrong, but didn’t know how to explain how the other person was wrong.

So yeh, don’t flame on the OP. He asked a question, it has been answered. Topic done.


I use MSI Afterburner, since I installed the game in September 2020, when the windows macro was implemented, after a short time I mistakenly opened a macro and MSI is also represented in that macro and I observed the increase in FPS, obviously I thought a miracle I’ve gotten a performance boost, but there’s something called logic and after the initial joy, I came to the conclusion that a Fps boost was technically impossible out of the blue.
It was nice but it’s not true.

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If the photos are of the actual screen dimensions, the FPS obtained might be feasible using VGA or PAL dimensions. These are not close to 4k or even 1080p,

i downloaded more ram from the internet and instantly got the same framerates. 10/10 works 100%

They’re all cropped from 1920x1080.

So am I correctly assuming probably thousands of Chinese MSFS users are currently flying with all those instruments opened?

Exactly - why do people fall for this every time?

No. There are very few Chinese users who believe this method. After all, most people still have basic judgment ability.

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