I wish I could keep any aircraft straight

Hi All

For 12 months take off and landing has been a problem in any aircraft. Whether an A320neo, a 172, DA62 or the recently bought Honda Jet.

I find landing to be a challenge but mastered this to land straight and true in any aircraft mentioned . But the battle to stop the plane from are erring left violently or sometimes right is so annoying. Constantly battling with the rudders.

I use a velocity one but never tried just a using the game pad (I’m on Xbox)

Even take off on GA I’m all over the place. I don’t use pedals but rely on the flippers on the yoke to steer and guide the plane. Once on the central line at take off, the plane sometimes takes off to the left.

Any suggestions ?

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I find rudder input is best done using the twist axis on single joysticks, if you’re not using dedicated pedals. I know that’s not an option on yokes, but that’s my experience. Flippers or any other “press buttons” don’t have enough fine-tuning input - you’ll just end up making too large an input and that’s probably why you’re having yaw control issues. Not an easy solution I know, but I honestly dislike yokes for this very reason.

Truthfully I tried an xBox controller 2 weeks ago and I am amazed that anyone can fly with it. Game controllers really aren’t suitable for simulators (and I include driving simulators in that). A decent stick or yoke for flying (or wheel for driving). It’s not Forza.


Under the Assistance menu, under piloting you can find rudder assist. It helps with a lot of the default planes that have not so good flight dynamics. I turn it off for the better developed AC like the Fenix A320

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This wont work for jets or multi engine planes, but…if you keep you speed throttle low, and keep the rpm of the prop lower it will tend not to want to run off the sides of the runway, of course if you have wind, your going to blow around no matter what your flying to some extent…

I dont know how anybody can fly without decent pedals. Sometimes I am using full rudder to offset the prop affects couple with side wind. To try and control a plane with a twist joystick or worse, a games controller in these conditions, forget about it.


I’m amazed that anyone can fly using a keyboard, but a few people do that too, apparently. I found flying with a gamepad to be super easy, but I don’t like the Xbox controller at all. (I am on PC)

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I’ve flown Twist rudder going back many FS versions as well as other sims. It’s actually quite good, very easy to pick up.


If you ever get decent pedals you will be blown away, it sooooo much easier and so much more natural.


Always owned pets, so even (short) hair and dust is a constant battle on the floor of any house I’ve lived in. It’s hell on peripherals that have to be on the ground. I’m happy with what I got. :slight_smile:

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I have a GSD so I know all about pet hair. Its why I went for the TPR pedals, they are immune.

I was using a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro when MSFS Came out. Some time after the MSFS release I moved to a used CH Products Flight Sim Yoke & Pro Rudder Pedals. From there I got the Honeycomb Alpha and took the yoke out of the CH Yoke and mounted it beside the Alpha for the throttle and switches until the Honeycomb Bravo came out.

While the twist on the Sidewinder did its job and was much better than no Rudder control or button rudder control, getting pedals really was a game changer for dealing with crosswinds and engine torque.

I’m pretty happy with the CH Pedals. They are definitely a better product than the CH Yoke. I’m going to wait for reviews whenever the Honeycomb Charlie comes out. I may stick with the CH Pedals if it looks like force feedback support might be on the horizon.

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So I can take from the answers that it’s not my settings but not having pedals is the answer

Recommend pedals compatible with Xbox and velocity one s as my one?

TB are working on matching pedals but not out yet i think?

I couldn’t wait and bought the Thrustmaster HOTAS with pedals so i have all three - the HOTAS, VF1 yoke and pedals, they all live together well :wink:

Pedals is not the end all be all answer. You say you use a Velocity One. So do I. My rudder is bound to those little rocker switches under your index fingers and that works fine…

… then again, I am on a PC soooo… I dont know anything about XBoxing. Did you make sure no other input is bound to the rudder axis ?

I love flying with the XBox controller. With a laptop that I use in different locations, the Xbox controller, mouse and G2 VR is about all I could put up with moving around. (I’m out on our deck right now.)

It takes a while to get the rudder setting set right to minimize the squirrelly plane movement on the runway. I used a Simhangers video to help me through it. Some planes still seem to be worse than others.

I bought a Thrustmaster T1600 over a decade ago and have never looked back since.
It has twist rudder and a coolie hat for views and the two buttons on each side I use for up and down trim along with 14 other programable buttons.

It is a precise joystick that does not have the slop of other brands I have used.

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I have no other binded keys to the rudders but landing and taking off is such an issue

I took the handle off the Siderwinder FF2 and a little squirt of WD40 on the potentiometer and rudder is smooth again :grin:

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Yes but it’s a velocity one I use and today is no different to any other day where landing see the plan veer off the left and on takeoff to the right - sick of it