I wish I could keep any aircraft straight

As was suggested above, use rudder assist if you are sick of the more realistic implementation.

There are certainly some quirks with the rudder inputs in MSFS but your issues seem to stem from the realistic reasons WHY planes have rudders, and if you are already, “Sick of it” there has always been a work around built right into the vanilla version of the sim.


That’s pretty much what happens with the realistic setting on the 172. It wants to pull left when taking off and not yet rotated then, assuming no cross wind, will want to drift differently when airborne. This is why pedals are so useful, you can instantly alter the rudder to compensate and when landing alter rudder when the wheels touch the ground to prevent that left drift. Alternatively use auto rudder (rudder assist) instead.

If you do get pedals don’t get slide ones, they are terrible because they tend to stick and dont offer the control that pivot type pedals provide.

I intend to purchase pedals but for an Xbox I am in sure which ones

You are probably better off opting for rudder assist and waiting until something decent is avilable for xbox. Those Thrustmaster T.Flight pedals are awful, believe me, I had them, they are just abysmal.


They are poor, i have them and they stick which makes fine control bad. I might pull them apart and fit some steel slide bearings


I use the same CH pedals, but haven’t fine-tuned the dead zone vs response yet so they are still a little sensitive. The only drawback is an apparent lack of a decent GUI setup, way too much clunk at the center, and I tend to push them into the wall lol. Other than that, they work fine.

For the xbox? @HaplessZulu1381

I returned to assisted rudder and on landing it worked as I expected

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Just another point from my experience. I had the rudder problem even with assisted rudder switched off. Interestingly, i switched off take-off assistance and it fixed this problem for me. Is it possible that upon touchdown, the game assumes you’ll take off again, thus assisted take-off plays with your rudder to align you to a wrong runway/taxiway?

That’s a good point

Im also on xbox, i use Thrustmaster hotas and TBV1 yolk . The pedals that came with the hotas work alongside the TBV1 if both plugged via multi USB. They work but take a little setting up as there not much input resistance.
As your use to the TBV1 have you tried tweeking the trigger sensitivities in the options to make rudders more or less reactive?

I have tried almost everything. I now have assisted rudders on and that has fixed it


I’m not saying you can’t, I’m saying its not very realistic, but each to their own.

There is nothing realistic in terms of response using a control that moves less than 2 inches to replicate a yoke that rotates through 180 degree and covers an arc you can measure in feet. To get anywhere near true realism requires controls that broadly replicate at 1-1 what the planes controls do. You obviously like using the xbox controller, that’s fine but realistic? No.

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