I wonder how many problems are self-inflicted?

Reading about all of these horror stories from people after UK update and WU3, I just wonder how many of them are self-inflicted. Tree mod, engine mods, physics mods, aircraft mods, rolling cache on/off, on and on and on. I wonder how many people have made so many changes to their sim they’ve just bricked the thing themselves?

I’ve got about 15 airports in my community folder, have never modded a blessed thing. I haven’t changed my settings since setting it to Ultra the day I downloaded it. Ran fine before the UK update, ran fine after the UK update. Ran fine before WU3, runs fine now.

And this is exactly why I never messed with anything. New program, new sim, once you start fooling around with it, you never know what you’re going to get. Everything might work great at first and you magically get one more frame per second (WOW!), but what happens when the sim gets updated, and some new code doesn’t work quite right with somehing you’ve changed? And once you “mess” it up, how do you un-mess it up?

I just figured that the people who designed and built this thing just might actually know what theyre doing. And I’m glad I’ve taken this approach. If something goes wrong with my sim, I know I didn’t do it to myself.

Happy flying.


I fall into the same category as you. No mods, no add-on aircraft, scenery, weather etc etc. Never changed a single setting from day 1. Before update 3 : smooth as butter everywhere…After update 3: massive frame rate losses in certain areas. My system is i9-10900K, 64Gb DRAM, RTX-3090. Go figure…


I have a modern build only used for MSFS, nothing else. No add ons, nothing in community folder, no tweaks, no mods. Completely base with required MSFS updates and all settings are set at the recommended settings. I have 1.2Gig internet speed.

Since the last two updates I have constant stutters, freezes, crashes etc.

Asobo broke the sim. Plain and simple.


I wonder how many people try to tell others that their problems are self inflicted, although Asobo has already confirmed fps issues for some configurations caused by the latest update.


Yes !! Spot on.

I’ve seen plenty of self-inflicted issues that people complain about. There are a couple of “fix” threads currently active that under certain conditions may help slightly, but in others, will degrade performance drastically.

However, it’s pretty clear there are performance issues. In my case, I just reinstalled Windows and MSFS over the weekend. With a 100% vanilla install, I’m still 25 fps short of the performance I was seeing before WU3 (UK) and 10-15 fps short of the performance I was seeing before SU3. Whether I have mods installed or not makes absolutely zero difference to my performance. None.

This isn’t self-inflcted. This is a genuine issue and has been acknowledged by Asobo already. They broke the sim. This isn’t the fault of users.


Load into 76T airport and then come back and tell us what you think about all the “self inflicted” problems


Exactly. 76T is a known problem. At least it’s known by us. Whether Asobo know about it or not is another matter.

And last night, I also encountered a drop from 25 fps down to under 5 fps flying from KVRB to KORL, which was then replicated by another forum member who otherwise has no performance issues.

This is most definitely an issue in the sim.


Zero mods or anything in community folder, installed august 18th and buttery smooth until wu3 and latest sim update. Now stutters and down to 5 FPS, this generally recovers but not completely and such a bad experience, I spent hrs and nothing fixes this so done flying until next patch


Actually it’s true , every problem right now is “self inflicted” , let the game update to the last patch has been the problem of almost everyone who is having problems , in 100% of the cases even with different hardware config or peripherals.
Next time it will be enough to disconnect the power or terminate the process once you have read “updating” as there are no other ways.


I am confused…
You appear to be saying that you have added or modded “nothing” since the sim was downloaded, however, you say that you have about 15 airports in your community folder.

I have not modded or added “anything” since the sim came out. Waiting for everything to settle down and the flight sim to be relatively free from bugs before I add or change anything.

So here is my confusion. Why do I have exactly ZERO bytes in my community folder and you have 15 airports in your community folder if you have not modded anything ??


I don’t think the OP realizes that airports - be it freeware or via the marketplace - are “mods”. Anything that changes the default look or behaviour of the sim is a mod. And all can have equal potential to cause issues. There have been issues with 3rd party airports or scenery that have caused CTDs or other issues, including performance.


When people on here talk about ‘mods’ they are almost always talking about freeware or payware that gets put into the ‘Community’ folder and is loaded with the game. For some reason, many see payware as safer or more reliable than freeware.

I can have downloaded 500 ‘mods’ and choose to have none of them in the community folder when I load the game. That is what we mean by it is unmodded.

If you bought ‘add ons’ from the MS Store, then they become part of the core game, and always load with the game, you have no control over that. Hell, every world update is an ‘add on’ or ‘mod’

Hey Crunch, I agree… that is the reason I have not added a darn thing to my MSFS… I want that sim to be pretty free of bugs before I start adding stuff… I want a place to retreat to if after adding mods things go south… So I will wait until AP’s work as intended and most of the unintended glitches are fixed …

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This is the best question Asobo development team should answer, isn’t it?

I held off initially. Since then, I’ve added a few. Mostly a few liveries for the planes I fly and a few scenery packs, as well as the WorkingTitle G1000/3000 mods and the Scorpionfilms GNS530 mod (that’s a thing of beauty). These are all mods that are known to be working and stable. And I’ve purchased 3 Carenado planes from the marketplace.

I have a very compact Community folder compared to most.

I agree that less is more. There are a lot of questionable mods available to download.

Also, @blueline308 just because you bought an “add-on” from the MS Store does not mean it’s part of the core game. It does not have to load with the game. And you do have control over that. Check out the Content Manager.

An airport isn’t a “mod”.

I’m talking changing the code. Look at all of the mods people have that change the code of the sim. Adding a simple addon airport isn’t a mod.

It modifies a piece of stock scenery, changing buildings, layouts, elevation maps, approaches, etc.

It’s a mod. It just applies to senery vs the plane.