I would like to report a bug: destination airport is not marked as POI and has no landing path guide

Hello and a wonderful day to you,

I would like to report a bug I now have noticed several times now.
After having learned how to program an FMC computer and when doing more sophisticated and planned flights now, I have noticed that my destination airport is not marked at all - and that´s why I have overflown my destination two times now.

Every airport around me is marked as a point of interest, but only the one I want to land on which has been choosen as destination airport before starting the flight on the world map in the the fly from-to settings, is completely invisible and has not even a landing guide path (to make hand-flying landings easier because I have not learned to use ILS yet, I have switched POI - airports -on, and landing guide path - on.

Please fix this, I really need a landing path on both ends on the active runways and a POI marker on my destination airports :wink:

Hello @GamingCat2130,

what is the name of the destination airport (ICAO)?

Send a ticket to Zendesk

Is your issue fixed ?. If not, are you requesting landing clearance to the ATC ?, maybe that is what trigger the landing path if set to ON.
Check out that post: