I would like to start an acrobatic team

It is not requested to have any experience, I would just like to learn, fly in formation and do some acrobatics later on.
Playing in VR is handy.

It doesn’t matter where, or what plane ( no airliner). Languages can be English, French or Dutch.
I do play every day from 20:30 till 01:00 cet.
If somebody would be interested or have any suggestions, please reply or PM.

Thank you


hi, i am interested.

I’ll join you👍🏼

I have send you an invitation. I will pm you later about how to communicate.

I have sent you an invitation. I will pm you later about how to communicate.

Hi, what have you sent me an invitation on?


Please add me to your discord.


Then we will be able to communicate. I had sent you an invite via fs.

hi, i am interested too.

Yeah! This sounds like fun and a challenge. I’d like to give that a try!

That would be very nice. Looking forward to it.

Please erkekjetter#5747 to your discord.

You can also add legopeetje to your flightsimulator. Then we can give it a try soon.

See you soon.

I would like to join this aerobatic team! I installed MSFS2020 yesterday and already found my favorite aerobatic plane: The Extra 330LT.
I am using VR with Motion Compensation in a 3 axis motion rig from DOFreality, a Buttkicker, the Warthog HOTAS and the nice MFG Crosswind V3 pedals.
Join from Sweden

Hey there. My name is Glare, and I am owner and chief pilot of Sapphire Display Team, the world’s first dedicated flight team in MSFS 2020. Dm me if youd like to collab. We currently have 8 pilots, and we’d love to merge and have your pilots join us. We use the MB339 for our main team, and we have custom liveries and graphic designers on our team. If your team uses Extras or Pitts aircraft, we can form a new squadron for you! DM me or let me know. Please reach out at Glare#0791 on discord and we can go from there.

This hobby really does need more aerial display teams. There used to be many, but it seems to be a dieing part of this great hobby. Formation flying - It’s a part of the real world, so why not this flight sim hobby?
I have been the flight lead pilot of the “Bluebirds” for a number of years now. Pilots have come and gone and we are now down to six pilots with three of them as trainees. Our plane of choice in FSX-Steam has been and still is the Lockheed T-33. Since the release of the Indiafoxtecho-MB339 for MSFS2020 we are using that airplane for that sim platform.
Are we good? Are we precise? No, but we are having a good time.
Give me some further details - your aircraft details, your practice session details for instance, and maybe we can work something out. Perhaps (unless you already have a flight lead trainer) I could help out with that. I have a flight comms channel on the Sim-Outhouse TeamSpeak3 server.

Our MB339

Our T-33

We usually practice around 3 PM EST every day, and we have a mixture of very skilled pilots as well as ones who are learning. We use discord for communications and we have aspirations to not only record highlights for youtube and social media, but actually host live action airshows. If you’d like to become a division of Sapphire, send a dm to Glare#0791 on discord. Its good to see another display team, so regardless of whether or not youd like to join our team, we’d love to stay in touch and collaborate for any future displays or shows.


Still looking for someone?
i’m not very experianced but i’m very interested :slight_smile:

I would like to give this a try too. Not sure I can do it but it can be fun to fly in group and try to execute some figures. Drop me a line if this moves forward.

you can join if you want

I’m in if there is still space.

I prefer to fly in VR which might make formation flying easier.

In Eastern time zone.

Hi you are free to join.

Please add me to your discord and i will invite you.