I9900k with 2080 Super ==> Super LOW FPS at LFPG

Low FPS @ LFPG - YouTube

I think the majority is getting low fps at that airport.Been like that since release although I blame my CPU at first I think that airport suffers with a vram bottleneck. Anyone with at least more 11gb of vram may not run into that issue.I think I saw someone posted getting 50fps with a 3090 @LFPG on the ramp.

Maybe…I can run this simulator @30fps but under 30 fps is a no, and under 20FPS is a categorical no no

LFPG is a really poor performer… I avoid the airport because of it. On my PC, I get around 13fps there…

Is the LFPG FPS issue reported to Zendesk? My fps drop to 6-9 after landing (GTX980 GPU)

I think a lot of people already reported it.Been like that since launch.I wonder if the devs even looked into it.In the meantime don’t use it.I mentioned vram in this thread earlier and its seems to be only using 7.2gb out of 8 on my card. Something else is wrong.