IAS temporarily drops to zero

On multiple flights now, I have had my IAS drop to 0 knots. After 5-20 seconds, the IAS returns to a nominal level.

Is there a game mechanic that could be causing this, or is it simply a bug. I have tried turning on the PROBES WINDOW HEAT button, incase it was a PITOT tube temperature issue, but the problem persists.

This was happening to me last night, presume you flying A320 I put all the anti ice and probes on and that sorted it. I put it down to icing, my plane was freezing over at high altitude so didn’t think any more

yup, same here. a bug probably…

In icing condition, if the pitot freezes, you wouldn’t get an IAS of 0, but a wrong IAS which would return funky readings. The IAS is measured trough both of the pitot tube and the alternate static. So this is more likely a bug.


It could still be icing, IAS will either be 0 or the maintain IAS at time of blockage and only change with variations in static pressure.

0 kts can happen if the pitot is blocked but the drain hole is still open. So the pressure in the pitot is released, leaving you with 0 pressure difference between static and pitot.

I don’t know if all aircraft have a drain hole on the pitot. But I can imagine it can also get blocked by ice? Not sure what is the most common scenario.

Apparently the drop in IAS can happen “very quickly” according to this document I stumbled upon: https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/phak/media/10_phak_ch8.pdf