ICAO Discrepancies

Hi, I have a quick question about the accuracy of the nav data being supplied in sim. I’ve come across some ICAOs which do not match their real world counterparts. This is both with Navigraph and without Navigraph installed

EGQG Longside - This should be EGPS
EGWG Sherlowe - This should be EGQ6

Shouldn’t the AIRAC cycles provided in sim (and by Navigraph) correct these types of problems?


You might tag @NAVdata and add the Navigraph tag. I also discovered there is forum.navigraph.com for questions related to their data.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve already spoken with Richard over at Navigraph forums who has explained that they are only able to add ICAOs, not update existing airports data in the sim, so this is definitely a Microsobo problem unfortunately.

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I think they get data from NavBlue, you might want to file a Bug Report so they see it.