ICAO / EU ATC Phraseology Mod and custominstaller.exe Errors

I installed this mod yesterday. It worked, but it was European where I don’t normally fly. So I reversed this and re-installed the old file as the instructions stated.

Now, my sim will not make it past the loading screen. I am getting errors related to custominstaller.exe.

I did a Steam verify of files. No change, except I was then presented with a standard MSFS2020 update about 60MB. This installed normally (but the screen was black throughout, weird), but there is still no change. I tried completely deleting flight sim and I get the same custominstaller.exe error.

I am dead in the water here. I would like to just uninstall permanently at this point, I am so fed up with this sim. Is there a back door around this? Can I just start deleting folders?

Steam version, PC

I went back and saw it had uninstalled I guess? So I hit “install”. It went through a Steam cloud verification. Then the sim started. I got so far and this wacky thing showed up, then a CTD.

I believe the mod installs to the fs-base folder.
I would delete the folder and then try the sim.

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Correct, the fs-base folder. There is also an accompanying .bat file you click on and it does it’s thing, whatever that is. I did that too, and if I need to undo that, I have no idea how. I’ll try what you said. Thanks.

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If I had to guess, the “old” file that you re-installed. That must have come from the before SU8 was released, right? So by reinstalling the “old” file you actually corrupted the sim because the sim thinks it’s already updated, but the files it has is the one from before the update, thus throwing all these errors your way.

No, it came from an updated sim SU8.

I’ve never seen it load like this before, with the black screen. You can see the blue line loading at the bottom. There is definitely something wrong. I deleted the fsbase folder. It is rebuilding it now. But Ive never seen the black screen issue until today.

It is still loading now. I got a feeling I will have the same issue if it finishes.

That worked. Admin delete this post if you want. Thanks for the help.

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OP indicated solution and closed upon request