ICAO - EU - UK ATC Phraseology Mod V3.0

This looks great. Maybe it could be implemented in the sim itself, ie distributed via official channels in an Asobo update?

I’m really close to have it working as a community mod, hopefully I can release something today.


Sounds great. I too am looking forward to seeing your improvements working in my sim.

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Would love to try it out, since the European airspace is my home :slight_smile:

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wow very cool thanks

This would be absolutely great. Even better would be if they could then have it localised, so that the US still uses the FAA standards, and other places use this.

For now I’m busy with a PowerShell script which can be run after every update, hope to have something workeable soon!


I’ve not forgotten about your request by the way.

I’ve a script which is working as intended in merging a small file of new definitions with the larger original file. It is a recursive json merging script. Unfortunately it is using PS json facilities and because it is ‘escaping’ backslash character internally and I can’t disable it, the resulting file differs.

I’m leaning toward doing a line by line script doing a kind of find/replace task instead but I didn’t have time to try out yet.

Yes, its getting along nicely with find / replace! Just a lot of work but I’ll have something soon to try out! I don’t think Asobo will change the ATC system anytime soon so it should be working for a couple of updates / patches.

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Looks like they changed some things in the ATC with this update, hope it didn’t mess things up for you. Will we be able to test it today?

Soon, I’ve to check but I think the change is in the core ATC system. I’ve seen text lines for all of the things they’ve changed so I’m not expecting any problems, in the language files it has been there already.

But first I’m plagued by 0.01 Mbits/s downloading with 1006% completed, now 2.12GB of 1.33GB. Is it really that hard for them to release a proper patch?

Language files are identical :+1:t2:

This look awesome. Looking forward to test it

Before this patch wiped everything I was looking into this also, for Australian and Asian airspace.

Adding those fields to a language pack in the Community folder should yield results, but I’ll need to have a play around again.

Almost there, I wrote a PowerShell script which can be run after each update / patch to inject the modified ATC text lines into the language file. Also have made some tools to make it really easy to compare old and new language files after each update / patch for the lines I’ve changed so should be relatively easy to keep up to date.

VFR phraseology is done, both controlled and uncontrolled aerodromes, ATIS is done. IFR works for departure and en-route. There are some bugs in approach phraseology, it’s not unuseable but just something I need to take a look at.

As soon as someone who used the Windows Store for purchase can tell me it works for them as well (I’m using Steam) I could release it already in the current state.

There is a free app for diffing which is working great for this: http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/

I’m running the MS Store version and I can help you cross-checking the PS1 scripts if you want.

I dont think there is any real difference between the store version and the disk version, the disk version downloads updates from the store anyway after installation so I assume they are identical after those downloads complete. So I would be happy to test the latest version for you if you like?

The path to the fs-base folder is different. Otherwise I asume its the same.

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Looking forward on this… great idea.

BTW. Can you also get rid of the 1000 “Please expedite your climb/descend to…” messages ?


I didn’t get rid of them but I could replace those with nothing, thats not a bad idea actually!

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